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5 Minute Arms. A Video

Yo, babes.  What’s up?  How’ve you been?  Happy (workout) Wednesday!  It’s hump day, y’all!  You’ve made it half way!

OK.  I’m not gonna talk a lot because you have some watching and doing to do today, loves.
So I’ll be brief.  Sort of.

Well, I’ll be Abbey Brief.

I’m starting this whole thing you’re about to see based on viewer request.  I field a lot of questions about my own fitness routine and had some recent requests for quick and easy workouts.  Which brings us to where we are today.  The one thing I will get into real quickish is that exercise doesn’t have to be complicated.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  There are always new workouts coming out by the minute, making you mountains of promises while stealing your money.  But sometimes the simplest things can deliver.  The classics… That’s why they’re a classic, yes?   Because they work.  I want you all to believe you can achieve your goals even if you think you don’t have the time to do so.

And I seriously want you guys to do this with me.  It’ll only take 5 minutes!!  FIVE. DAMN. MINUTES.  That’s nuthin people.  No equipment necessary.  Just you and that purty bod.  (You just have to be OK watching me move and listening to me talk for that long.)Oh, you’re at work?  No problem.  I got you.Oh, you’re not alone?  I don’t care.  Grab some friends and make it a group thing.

You’re reading this anyway, you’re about to watch me do it anyway, so come on!! 

I promise you’ll want to do it again.  It’s too simple not to do.  You just have to promise me you’ll do it.  And share with me that you did!!  So after you’re done, follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
(Bonus points for Instagram ;-).
Oh, and there’s more 5 minutes in heaven to come. This here is just step 1.
Now, get up off of that thing and move with me, baby.
Yes you can.

(if you can’t view the above embedded video, have no fear- click here…)

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