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A Cookie in Waffles’ Clothing


Warm, fresh baked cookies can’t be beat. It has always been my fantasy to have fresh baked cookies for my kids when they come home from school. And now that my oldest is in kindergarten, I’m living out my fantasies!!!
(I dream big, don’t I?)

Only…there’s a fat chicken taking up space in the oven now and it’s been in there for an hour.  So I had to improvise when I promised my kids we’d bake cookies once we got home.

My solution?  The waffle maker. Yes, that piece of equipment collecting dust somewhere in your cupboard. It’s an instant cooker, right? It makes waffles in mere minutes so why limit it to waffle batter? I made my favorite cookie recipe (My Oatmeal Avocookies) and just plopped the dough by the big spoonful into the greased, hot waffle iron and less than 5 minutes later I had cookies for my kiddos. And there’s also a great school lesson attached…
So what if they look weird? That just makes them cooler.


For my Oatmeal Avocookie recipe, follow the link below. And note, I made these into Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Avocookies this time around, omitting the raisins and spices and adding dark chocolate chips instead.
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  • Reply Opus T. Penguin September 11, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    I hope you're real proud of yourself, now I want cookies.

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