All About Dem Shoes

Look at these shoes.  LOOK AT THEM!

They’re crazy.  Love em or hate em (mom), you have to admit they make a statement… which I love to do.

And I love ’em.

They’re by Shoe Dazzle and I found them at FiFi’s Fine Resale for $12…  Turquoise and grey with gold studs.



I had never seen anything like them before so naturally I had to own them.  But here’s the thing about wearing loud shoes- you have to downplay everything else in the outfit.  Because, for one- you want them to shine… they’re an accessory.  So the focus needs to be on THEM.  And for two- you can very easily end up looking like a hooker clown if everything on you is loud.

My apologies to all the hooker clowns out there, I mean no offense.

But you still have to make sure the outfit rises to the occasion…frames the shoes well…does a good job as supporting cast.

So I went with some ripped skinny jeans, a sheer ivory top that’s a little more interesting in shape and style than a plain white T, gold accessories, neutralglasses and a messy top bun.



The jeans are by Indigo Rein and came as a hand-me-down from a good friend.  They’re really comfy and stretchy, they’re not too tight around the ankles and I love the rips.


The top is by Cynthia Rowley and I got it from FiFi’s for $12.  It’s gauzy, flowy and comfy, but fitted where it needs to be so it looks pulled together.  And I love wearing it on those days when I really just wanna wear a t-shirt but need something a little more than just a t-shirt…
The gold clutch is something I’ve had for several years and it came from…
wait for it…
the Dollar Spot at Target.  Yep.  That area where you go and buy junk for your kids?  That one.  And I got one in silver, black, red and ivory lace.  $1


This whole outfit to me is equally casual and nice.  I would feel comfortable wearing it day or night.  It feels polished but screams casual-chic.


As for accessories… The earrings are thin gold maple leaves and I found them at Habitat for Humanity a couple years ago for $5.  They’re some of my favorite earrings I’ve ever owned.

The ‘gold’ ring is from Forever 21 last year. $5.  The elastic golden wristbands are hand-me-downs from a friend, the wrap-around gold bracelet is from FiFi’s– $6 and the wide brass cuff is from Goodwill– $3. The necklace comes from H&M– $12 and the glasses are from a vacation boutique- $7.

It’s fun, right?  These shoes are just plain fun.  And because of them, everything else I’m wearing- no matter how simple- is fun by default.

Fashion, like most things in life, is all about balance.  Sometimes the right balance can be hard to find, but once you get there it feels pretty sweet.


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