And he can cook too!

I happened to be looking through a magazine at my parents’ house last night and came across a picture of a gorgeous meal… A sweetly sauced salmon set upon a bed of creamy risotto with asparagus being fabulous somewhere on the side.. We hadn’t solidified what we wanted for dinner yet so I showed the photo to G and said, ‘ this is what I want for dinner’. And he said, ‘OK, baby’. We stopped by the store for some salmon fillets (which were on sale… :), came home to put our son to bed and 25 minutes later I had one of the best meals I’ve had in ages …

He substituted the asparagus for zucchini because we had one at the house (I’ve taught him well!). He sliced it very thinly and made ‘chips’ out of them. (Follow the non-recipe for sweet potato chips) They were fantastic. The risotto was soft and creamy, with the slightest hint of onion. And the salmon was cooked the way we always cook salmon- seared, skin down, on the stove-top, then finished in the oven. The glaze for the fish was lick-worthy. It consisted of molasses, orange marmalade, Dijon mustard, honey, and soy sauce. (Neither one of us can remember how much of each was in the sauce…there may have been wine involved).

Now, I don’t know what the meal in the photograph tasted like but mine was scrumptious! And I can guarantee the magazine chef isn’t nearly as cute as the one I had cooking for me! Here’s to men in the kitchen!

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  • Reply cary Wade June 28, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    that's the way i love salmon too, with a sweet glaze. thanks for the non recipe. i will try it at the beach!

  • Reply Anonymous June 29, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Thank you for your great ideas and recipes. ANd your chef is cute…I've seen him!!!

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