I get it. Traveling from one digital platform to another can be… trying. You’re on instagram and someone tells you to click a link to take you somewhere else and you’re just like, whhhyyyy? I like it HERE. I’m comfortable HERE. I get it. And it can be confusing. Maybe you get lost in the transition.

I get it.

SO. If you’ve heard about my new podcast and were just too comfortable where you were when you heard about it, I have a present for you.

< drum roll >

Here are the episodes (thus far) of the B-Sides Podcast all conveniently delivered to your lap. Now, this maaay be the only time I frontdoor deliver, so be sure to follow and subscribe now! You can follow on Spotify if that’s your jam, subscribe on Apple Podcasts if you lean that way, or just head over to the Anchor site itself and take it from there.

Subscribing and following ensures you won’t miss anything, so that’s your best bet. Go do that now while you’re still feeling loved by my special delivery.

And you should absolutely 100% follow B-Sides on Instagram. It’s a completely different experience you don’t wanna miss out on.

But for now… since it’s Tuesday and cool things rarely happen on a Tuesday… Here are the episodes (thus far 😉 ) all neatly placed before you in chronological order.

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