be child

my daughter reminds me to marvel at hidden and overlooked treasures. a walk in the woods is never complete without stopping to notice fallen flowers, or broken stones shaped in a way that makes her brain sparkle. she loves leaves- the bigger, the better. she will make them be hat or flag or blanket for ants.

she sees things other children don’t and things adults have forgotten to look for.

she cries at movies when the hero’s soul is aching but laughs when the dinosaur rips the face off the actor.

she is not easy.  she is complex and booming and filled with words she must let go of immediately.  she is alive and proving it at every turn.  often i need a break to breathe and recharge before i can keep up with her. but the payoff is always monumental and i miss her within minutes of not having her there.

i knew that when i gave her this name, she would have big things to say.  this is why she is here.  she is here to teach and speak and create.

she will sit on the front porch with our aging cat and sing to her. talk to her. be with her.

she listens to the people, places and things we didn’t think had a voice.

she knows things other children don’t and things adults have forgotten is real.

she is made of magic and I’ve always known it.

she is smarter than I ever tried to be and I’m learning from her daily.

do yourself a favor today and stop- even for a moment- and look at something the way a child does. listen to someone in order to learn something.

be kind. be present. be child.

love y’all. now let’s make some friday magic.

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    What a lovely tribute!

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