Before this river becomes an ocean

I’ve been on a break.

I’ve spent every day in a bikini, I haven’t put on makeup in weeks, I don’t recall the last time I styled an outfit, or went to an event… I’ve lived continuously barefoot and mildly, deliciously dirty from days spent making beautiful messes.

I’ve played with my kids in the water and bathed in the sun… I’ve taken walks in the woods, danced naked to music too loud, sang confidently the songs I forgot I knew the words to… I’ve cooked, created, slept, dreamed…

I have lived.  And I have thought.

When things seem to be unbalanced around me, I remove myself from all but what brings me unquestionable love and life.  It is the only way I know to focus the fuzz and dim the dizzy.

Sometimes being good just isn’t enough.  Sometimes bad things happen to the good.  And sometimes the good loses its way.  But you have to hope… to really, truly hope- the kind of Hope children have when they close their eyes and squeeze their tiny faces- that the Good will come around.

The power of Good, and of Love, is so very strong.  But it’s oftentimes quiet.  The things and the people making the most noise and saying all the things, aren’t usually the ones with the best things to say.  So just because you don’t hear it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  It’s called Faith.  Not religion, not politics, not wrong or right, or left or right, not gender or sex or race, not rules and laws.

Just Faith.

Before this river becomes an ocean… We gotta have Faith.

Faith that the things you cannot see are still somewhere out there.

Faith that the things you cannot feel are waiting to be felt.

Faith that the things you know to be true are around the bend.

Allow yourself to turn off the noise and listen for the Good.  Listen for the Love.  And you will find it.

It’s always there.

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.

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