Busy Day Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

This has been my go-to dinner for those times when I’m gone all day but still wanna come home to a home cooked, delicious meal. Or maybe my fridge is a little barron from the busy week… It’s almost too simple to share, but I need to get over that part of myself. I’d share more things on here if I wasn’t thinking everything needed to be monumentally mind-blowing.

That’s just dumb and I’m aware. Working on it.

Here’s the IG reel exhibiting precisely how easy it is : Everyday Champagne on Instagram

I’ve also been tirelessly working on my book, which has taken up any of the free time I had before. It’s a lot of hard work, my brain and eyes have headaches at the end of every day, and it’s a lot of emotional energy being expended… BUT it’s extremely exciting and rewarding and satisfying, so WORTH IT.

Which is why this meal is so important to share! Because I know I’m not the only one who’s busier than ever (how does this happen??!).

All you’re doing is… letting your grocery store and slow cooker do all of the work.

We love that.

I enjoy a slow cooker meal… but only if texture isn’t compromised. And for something like a pulled chicken or pork for tacos or over rice and beans, I find it to be a perfect tool. You can even use this as a base for nachos, there are so many possibilities! This is one of those ‘drop everything in the pot, cover, turn it on and forget about it’ type of meals.

We love those.

It’s also supremely customizable. I’ve done this same exact ‘recipe’ using 1/3 of a pork loin, and since I keep both those and chicken breasts frozen on hand at all times, you can even start this from their frozen state and it literally doesn’t matter!! That’s been a blessing on the extra special busy days when I have no protein in my fridge.

I start this in the morning and then it’s done and ready when I need it to be for dinner. No babysitting whatsoever.

We love that.

For the base of this dish, I use a Goya brand cooking base. (look at me using help!)

Buy it here : https://amzn.to/3KFv5H7

(photo courtesy of goya.com)

I love this stuff so much. I love how low in sodium it is and how buildable the flavor is. I always have several jars of this in my pantry. (You can also use the same amount of your favorite salsa.)

Once it’s done cooking, I let the family choose how they want to eat it. We do it either over rice and beans, maybe with some shredded lettuce to make it a salad bowl, or all of the above in some steamed tortillas. And because the cooking base is so low in sodium, you have the choice to add extra salt or any other flavor you might need at the end. We all love adding hot sauce… our favorite for this is a salsa verde style that I picked up from a market the last time I was in London THAT I CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE ONLINE BUT DON’T WORRY I HAVE CONTACTED THE COMPANY SO WE’RE ALL GONNA BE OK (their other sauces are awesome too and I highly recommend : (Mama Nati)

And green onions and cilantro is always what goes on top in my house.

But whatever way you decide to serve it, it’s simply fantastic. I just love how user friendly it is, how adaptable to each eater it is, and how comforting it is.

We love that.

Busy Day Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken ( or pork! )

serves 4+, but doubles easily!

In your slow cooker, add the following :

  • 2 lbs raw boneless/skinless chicken breasts (usually 2 large) OR same amount of pork loin / tenderloin CAN EVEN BE FROZEN, IT DOESN’T MATTER!!
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 12 ounce jar Goya Recaito Culantro Cooking Base
  • fill that jar up with water, shake it well, pour in

Cover with lid. (my tip is to place a kitchen towel over the pot before you put the lid on to catch any condensation that can get stuck under the lid while cooking)

(plug it in! don’t act like that’s never happened to you before)

Set to low.

7-8 hours later, it’s done!

(or set to high and it can be done in 3-4)

Shred with 2 forks.

Serve over rice and beans like I did above, and/or with steamed tortillas. or as a base for nachos.

Season to taste.

Garnish with green onions, and cilantro unless you’re one of those soap people.

(no judgment)

thanks for reading, ya’ll . much love x







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