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    Suit up those ankles!

    So this isn’t really a workout routine or specific exercise style I’m sharing with you all today, it’s more of a quick and cool (albeit old school) tip to help you get…

  • Fitness

    The Turkish Get-Up

    …sounds like a dance doesn’t it?  The Turkish Get-Up. Sounds like something only performed on wedding reception dance floors. But no.  The Turkish Get-Up is no dance.  No, no.  The Turkish Get-Up…

  • Fitness

    Change up your run

    I run outdoors on the weekends. Usually during the week I’m at the gym first thing in the morning because of my schedule, (You may find me doing this there: but the…

  • Fitness

    My crazy treadmill routine

    If you’re a treadmill person, listen up-  You’re probably not using the treadmill to the best of its capability. You’re not letting it flex it’s true treadmill muscles. Ever notice all the…