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    My (new) LA Story

    Ok. So you’re about to get my recent LA trip photo-recapped real quick like.  Why? Because it’s Friday and I’m ready for a beer, followed by a lot of sitting.  If you…

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    raw toast is just bread

    Have you ever wondered why we call it a ‘toast’?  As in, raising your glass and giving a toast.  So…before the term ‘toasting’ became a thing, raising your glass in tribute, or…

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    One Step Closer to Fine

    I set out to write about last night’s debate today.  I was going to make a parallel to the Mayweather : Pacquiao fight that I (unfortunately) sat and watched all of last year.…

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    My day was good. If you would have asked me hours ago how my day was, I would have used a different adjective. One with much more color, I’d imagine.  The same…