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Christmas Week 2009

I am taking the week off, my friends! I haven’t stopped cooking since 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Right after that yummy Thursday came my son’s 2nd birthday party where I made automobile-themed goodies ranging from the Pilot’s Wings (BBQ chicken wings) to the Deflated Wagon Wheels (cheese pizza roll-ups) and washed it all down with several too many LocoMojitos. Two weeks after that came my annual Best-Growin’ Up-Friends-Cocktail Party where we munched on Roasted Red Pepper and Orange Cheesecake with Homemade Hot Pepper Jelly Glaze, Ginger-Chili Sauced Meatballs, Mini Pigs in Blankets with Honey Dijon, Holiday Sangria, and my Should Be Famous Dark Chocolate-Peppermint Brownies. The next day I catered a company lunch and served Creamy Pumpkin Soup, Pimento Cheese Paninis, Ham-Havarti-Honey Mustard Paninis, Roasted Beet, Apple and Goat Cheese Salad, and Cranberry Cheesecake Squares. I somehow managed to get my Christmas shopping done and all my little homemade gifts prepared but I can’t remember actually doing any of it… My brother in law is coming into town the day after Christmas to stay with us for several days so until that day comes I plan on sitting right here on my very comfy couch and eating the fabulous food that my husband will make me.
…..But if he needs a little help deciding what to make, I’ve come up with a few meal ideas to get him going… (After all, I did manage to make it to the store today and save $100 while I spent a mere $62, so I feel like I owe it to the groceries).
*Wintry Mix Panzanella
Whole wheat baguette croutons, roasted acorn squash, roasted brussels, hot Italian sausage, Gorgonzola cheese, fresh sage, and a reduced balsamic vinaigrette.
*Prosciutto and Sage Tortellini with Pumpkin Cream Sauce and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
The tortellini was on a BOGO sale last week and I thought pairing it with a creamy pumpkin sauce sounded amazing…
*Yogurt Chicken with Mango Couscous
I have some chicken legs in the freezer that G will marinate in plain yogurt and toasted cumin seeds, then grill until perfectly charred. I’ve made this couscous before using the large Israeli style couscous (my fave), diced mango, red onion, cashews, cilantro and red wine vinegar. It’s incredibly yummy.
*A big, juicy steak with loaded baked potato, something green and a goblet of red wine. I’m a happy, happy girl.
Merry Christmas to all, and be sure to eat happy. 🙂

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  • Reply Anonymous December 20, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Yes, it sounds as if you definitely deserve to be cooked for this week! All Christmas joys to you and your family.

  • Reply Beth December 24, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    Mmmmm… the Wintry Mix sounds heavenly.

    Guess what we're attempting tomorrow? Beef Wellington with a Port Wine Sauce, Mushrooms Stuffed with Brie, Rosemary and Goat Cheese Whipped Potatoes, and Roasted Green Beans. Aren't you proud? 🙂

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to create the meal without spending a fortune. Ah well, baby steps.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Reply Everyday Champagne December 24, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Oh Beth, that sounds wonderful! Can I come over?!?! Let me know how it turns out, I know it will be amazing! (By the way, I've made many a Wellington with sirloin or another lesser expensive cut of beef and no one has noticed…you just need to tenderize it a bit) Good luck with everything! 🙂

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