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Corn off the Cob . the video pt. 2

Hey guys! So I won’t write too much… since I’m also expecting you to watch a video of me talking… which is a whole lotta Abbey. But I’ll just give you a lil intro before the video takes it from there!

Five years ago, in another house, with longer hair, post-gym attire and bad lighting, I made a video called “Corn Off The Cob” where I taught you the best way to get the kernels off a cob of corn. 

It wasn’t flashy, it was made with an old iPhone propped up by a stack of books, but it somehow became my highest viewed video by thousands and thousands. 

And thousands.

You can never really predict these things, can you?

I haven’t kept up with the video side of my company in a very long time (life, man), but when I saw the corn cobs in my fridge this weekend, and realized I suddenly had the time to dust off the camera… I thought I’d revamp that old gem. 

And here’s the baby that started it all…

Thanks for reading, y’all… and watching . much love xx

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