Dear sweet children of mine, 

This is a surreal time in your lives.  You are 12 and 9 and without much warning, you were taken out of school, taken away from your friends, from playdates, from familiar schedules… your entire world was turned upside down.  And I look at you beautiful creatures every day and marvel at your compassion and understanding and maturity during all of it.  

We are learning your schooling together, you are learning more of what it is that I do every day to provide a safe and happy home for you, and you are more than willing – if not absolutely eager – to help me in doing so.  You have made this transition so very smooth and I needed to put it all down in indelible print for you to always remember.  And I wanted to make everyone who reads this know how truly proud I am of you both. 

You have had people in your lives walk away from you because of their inability to realize your splendor and importance as they chose to ignore the things you and I know as safe truths.  I too have had people I know and love choose their personal comfort and routine over me and what is right.  I understand that feeling very well.  But still it is something that even your daddy and I will never be able to explain to you.  I wish that I could, but I think I’d rather be thankful in the knowledge that I’m unable to even fathom such an act of attempting to break it down to something explainable. 

All I can do is tell you that you will never go one single day of your lives without knowing 

how special you are 

how loved you are 

how important you are 

how smart you are

how necessary you are. 

And I will never, ever, ever walk away from you.

You will never be without that feeling of undeniable security.  That, I promise you.

I can’t tell you what tomorrow will look like out there, or next month, or even next year.  I can’t make you any promises about the rest of the world.  But I can promise you that we are in this together and you are safe and loved during every single breath of your life.  And you are never to forget that, my dears.

Yours in wrinkled laundry and cookie crumbs, 



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