Easier Easter

Here are a few simple and fun Easter recipe ideas…

Peach (or any other fruit) Gummies These yummy fruit juice candies can be made with peaches, raspberries, or any kind of fruit you like and they are a perfect addition to your Easter candy selection.

Champagne Jigglers The adults should have a jellied-treat too!  Make these delicious grown-up treats with sparkling rose to match the pastel theme of Easter.

Agave Marshmallows   Make these ‘healthy’ marshmallows with your kids and add a bit of food coloring to make them pastel colored.  Cut them into fun shapes with Easter-themed cookie cutters.  Take it even further and roll each shape in some colored sanding sugar and you’ve got your own version of ‘peeps’ 🙂

Almost Homemade Carrot Cake
Make them cuter by turning the cake into cupcakes!  Transform a boring spice cake mix into delicious, moist carrot cake cupcakes.  No spice cake mix in your pantry?  Use yellow and add more cinnamon, allspice, ginger and nutmeg…or use that pumpkin pie spice you’ve got leftover from Thanksgiving!

Spring Pea Custard  Beautifully green, simply delicious, this is the perfect side dish for your elegant Easter dinner.

*When you’re decorating eggs this year, try all natural egg-dyes- 

For dark yellow-orange eggs- Boil yellow-skinned baby onions for about 10 minutes, remove onions, then add a splash of white vinegar*.  (Don’t discard the onions!!  Peel them and toss in butter, rosemary and balsamic vinegar for a yummy side)

For lighter yellow eggs- Add some turmeric to some water and add a splash of vinegar.

For purple eggs- Use the beet juice in a can of beets and add a splash of vinegar.

For pink eggs- Boil some purple cabbage until the color changes, remove cabbage, and then add a splash of vinegar.

For brown eggs- (although…you could just use actual brown eggs…) Use leftover coffee and add a splash of vinegar.

(*the vinegar is what adheres the color to the eggs, it is imperative that you use it.)

Happy Easter, everyone!

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