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Event Alert! – The Fresh Expo

So, it’s the time of year when most of my weekends are filled with outdoor concerts, picnics, festivals… lots of various fun, family activities.  And my little town, and the various towns and cities that surround it, now have so many different events to choose from!  Sidebar- Has anyone else local to me noticed what a crazy difference our area is now versus when we were growing up?  Like, actually stopped and taken the time to really notice that. I get more and more impressed by what Charlotte and the surrounding areas have available now by the week…  Amazing and award winning breweries, farm to table restaurants showcased in national publications and award ceremonies, and all the little companies and products in between.

I go to my Davidson Farmers Market every Saturday I able to, and they can’t even fit all the local companies and producers in the lot anymore!  Incredible.  When I was little, my little town of Davidson was sweet, but it was… little.  You had to go to Cornelius for movies, or grocery shopping, or restaurant eating (unless you were eating at The Soda Shop 😉 ), and there certainly wasn’t a Farmers Market.  But you knew it was the kinda town that was heading in a bigger direction.  I’m just so thankful it has!  And so has Cornelius, and Mooresville, and Charlotte… most of what I’m seeing now is just a lot more of that sweet, little, good stuff but with the same, small town mentality.  And you can’t get any better than that, in my opinion.

But when this time of year comes around, when the weather gets warmer and people start to come out of hibernation, my husband and I find ourselves with so many events to choose from, and things to do with our family.  And we do try to make an effort and experience all that we can… but we honestly don’t tend to schedule a lot of things in advance.  Life these days can change a plan in no time!  However, I’m really excited about what I just added to my calendar and wanted to share!

Saturday, May 20th at Symphony Park in Charlotte (South Park area), from 11 am – 5 pm, there will be The Fresh Expo.  It’s a big, family friendly event that showcases businesses and organizations who are doing some excellent work in heading the front on eco friendly, sustainable living in the Charlotte area.  So all your favorite local, regional, and even national organizations that are making a healthy impact around here will be there with food, activities, music… basically it’s an entire day of family fun the way we should all be having it.

They’ve even got a Goodwill clothes swap area, which to be perfectly honest, I’m kinda super stoked about.  My girlfriends and I used to host clothing swap parties (I miss that, ladies… let’s bring it back!!) and I’m a HUGE fan of Goodwill shopping… like, it’s one of my favorite things and I’ve never understood why more people don’t get their clothing that way.  My kids go with me, they have since they were little, and they love finding ‘new’ toys and books, and at home they know exactly where to put any clothes and toys they’ve outgrown… not in the trash.  In the Goodwill pile!  Teaching my kids that ‘shiny and brand new’ isn’t the only way, is something I’m very proud of as a mother. I’ve always loved that the clothes I get from Goodwill, or any other second hand, donation-based store, have a story of their own before I even begin my journey with them.  Some of my favorite items I’ve gotten from Goodwill.  And frankly, as a stylist, some of my most complimented on items have come from Goodwill.  SO. There’s a good chance that if you come and try to find me at The Fresh Expo on May 20th, you need to just locate the big Goodwill sign.

And then search for the top of a blonde head bobbing for jeans.

Some of the other sponsors of the event are Lenny Boy Kombucha, Vitamix, Juice Bar, Whole Foods and Earth Fare… (Here’s a list of all the exhibitors if you wanna look for your favorites!)  There will be lots of samples of local food, cooking demos for kids, a craft and play area for them (featuring all eco friendly activities and products) a silent auction, food trucks (for all types of healthy eaters!), giveaways… guys- I’m really excited about this one!  I’m gonna walk out of that place high on fermented tea, full from sustainable meats and greens, and with a armful of new, recycled threads.

Happy Abbey.

I’ve worked with my Whole Foods on a couple projects before, the latest being designing looks using their Mineral Fusion Cosmetics line…

To read about the products I used, here’s the Instagram post about it.

And here’s the IG post about this look… I used just ONE of their products THREE WAYS here!

Talk about recycling 😉

I had a lot of fun and was very honored to be able to do that, so being able to work alongside them again with this, along with so many other inspiring companies and organizations, continuing to further my hometown’s education on all things clean living… y’all, it just makes me so very happy.

I’m not perfect, none of us are.  I have oreos in my pantry, the last bunch of bananas I bought were conventional and I absolutely shop at Target. BUT I try.  I’m aware.  And I want to continue to be more so.  So with each step in the direction of a greener and cleaner life, we’re all making a big difference.  Just by thinking about it, it’s a good step.

Then the next one is DOING.

So come and find me on Saturday May 20, 11 am – 5 pm at Symphony Park for The Fresh Expo!  I’ll be Instagramming, so make sure you’re following me @EVERYDAYCHAMPAGNE for a post or two and definitely watch my story for all the fun moments in between.

  • Tickets are only $8 for general admission
  • Kids under 12 are FREE!!
  • and VIP tickets are $28.  This VIP ticket price includes gift bags (with $50 worth of products/samples), listening to keynote speaker, Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home tell us how the heck we can do the same, and special drawings for a chance to win sweet prizes like the new Vitamix… oh my!
  • Parking is free, but obviously if you’re close enough, we’d all encourage you to walk or bike 😉

Here’s the link to order tickets online!  If you have any other questions about the event, let me know and I’ll do my best to find your answer, or visit The Fresh Expo website.

Hope to see you there! xo







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