Fall Fashion – Target Style

It’s FALL, YA’LL!!!!!!!!

Ok, not really.  But I’m dubbing it Fall time because I feel like it.  And because we’ve had a cold front here in North Carolina so I got to put on a sweater yesterday.  A sweater!!!!  Do you know how exciting that was?  So very.  But, I also realize that realistically we’re in that odd transition period where it’s still hot during the day, but can get chilly in the mornings and evenings.  So that means we get to have a lot of fun with fashion- mixing and matching summer/spring pieces with fall/winter pieces…

We can do shorts/short dresses with boots and a cardigan or sweater, or we can do long pants with tanks.  And since I came across these amazing wide leg black pants at Target yesterday (clearance rack, ya’ll!!), I was inspired to do the latter.  And once I started styling it, I realized I was styling the whole outfit in Target pieces.  The whole damn thing- head to toe was from Target.  So, here we go again.  Another Target fashion post!

fall fashion side glance

These pants were $13 on clearance and there was only one pair on the rack and it was MY SIZE.  It was meant to be. (But I just found them for you for $7.48 online (+ shipping).  You’re welcome.) They’re soooo comfy-  Elastic waist, light silky material, breezy…. they’re like pajama pants you’re allowed to leave the house in.

fall fashion hug

And the cropped grey tank also came from the Target clearance rack last year.  It was $4.  It’s cotton, and so simple and comfy, but something about it screamed ‘dress me up today!’.  So I did.  (Did I mention I feel like I’m in PJ’s?!)

The shoes, also from Target, also on clearance ($11) are black, heeled lace-up booties…

fall fashion shoes

…you just can’t see them because I’m so short.

fall fashion raining hat

I decided to go blingy gold accessories to offset the casual feel of the outfit.  I think a lot of people think silver when they see grey…but I love the look of a bright, yellow gold over something grey.  It’s so chic to me.  The long necklace comes from Target- another clearance find last year- $4.  And the rest of the accessories I’ll go into later when they get their close-up.

fall fashion ha hands

Should we talk hat?  Let’s chat hat.  I have a lot of hats.  A LOT.  But I rarely wear them.  Sometimes I feel like I look good in them and sometimes I feel like Mr. Potato Head Wears A Hat.  This hat I like.  It’s from Target last season, $15. And is the perfect Fall hat- neutral, big, felt… perfection. (Similar one found here online– and currently on sale for BO-GO 50% off.  You’re welcome.)

-Oooh!  While we’re on the subject of hats- here’s a great Fall/Winter tip:  To prevent hat head, spray some dry shampoo (or dust a little baby powder) on the roots and work in to absorb, then spray with hairspray to pump up the volume so when you put your hat on, you’re putting it on top of super high, big hair… then when you take it off, it’ll flatten down to normal size-

fall fashin hip hands

I’m feelin’ pretty excited in this Fall outfit, I’m not gonna lie.  There was a chill in the air when I wore it, the sun was shining bright… I couldn’t contain my giddiness.

fall fashion fun pants leg

Glorified Pajama Pants helped.

And now for the accessories…

fall fashion close up

I wish I could credit Target for all my gold bling…but I cannot.  The gold/jeweled ‘geode’ ring comes from Buffalo Exchange -$7, the gold/pewter spike ring comes from Charming Charlie – $2 on clearance, and the gold bracelets and cuffs all are vintage finds or gifts.

However… the makeup and nail polish IS from Target though 😉

I’m wearing Garnier BB Cream in Medium/Deep mixed with Rimmel BB Cream Radiance in Medium (I love the Rimmel- the coverage is thicker than the Garnier and not nearly as oily, but the color is a tad too light for me, so I blend and it’s perfect!!).  Then NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam for highlighter and on my eyelids, and Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in Coffee Cake on the apples of my cheeks.  I have one light coat of Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara in Extreme Black on the lashes.  My lips are Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me with Maybelline Shiny-Licious gloss in Melon Ball (discontinued) over top.  And my nails are CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis in Seared Bronze with NYC Top of the Gold on top.

I had perhaps more fun than normal with this outfit, guys.  It’s just my favorite time of year, Fall.  And also?  My birthday is in 5 days.  FIVE DAYS.

Where’s my present?

Oh!!!  Since we’re loving Target here, I need to share with you a special gift.  If you text the word BEAUTY5 to TARGET (827438) you will receive a text back with a link to a code for $5 off a $20 beauty product purchase in store.  You’re welcome.

XOXO, Abbey

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    cute! I wore boots and jeans and a longsleeved shirt yesterday and the day before. I was hot, but who cares 🙂

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