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Fall Wine Trends! and me on the telly

Hi y’all! Ok. So this will be uber duber quick because goodness to gracious I’m a busy bee.

I’ll be on WCNC NBC tomorrow morning – NBC Charlotte at 6 – talking about more Fall wines (woo!!) I’m sooo very excited!!!  And these wines right here make me so happy.  We have so many fun things this time!  Hooray!!

Here we GO.

So, this chardonnay is available year round, but this special edition ‘wicked’ Halloween bottle is just for a limited time.  You can see the label in the pictures below… but also HERE on the Deutsch website… it’s so cool!

This chardonnay is from the southern coast of France, it’s fermented in stainless steel tanks (my fav for chards) and is full of flavors of lemon rind and ripe pineapple.  It’s a more French style than American style chardonnay, for sure… and I looooove that.  But I think it hugs the line enough to satisfy you oaky / buttery peeps. It’s a really bright and acidic wine screaming for something spicy and / or creamy.

So go buy some of this for your Halloween party!!  It’s too good and fun.  And it’s only $11.99!!!


The 2014 vintage (non-wicked bottle) found here on HobNob 2014 California Chardonnay – White Wine

This bottle is an old favorite in our house.  It’s truly one of our go-to’s.  My husband and I really love a New Zealand style sauv blanc… they’re just so much fun!  And this one is the perfect example of that fun.  It’s crisp and bright… lots of green melon flavors and grass… some good ole tropical fruit as well.  But it isn’t as aggressively fruity as a lot of these can be, it has a really excellent balance to it all. So so good.

And it’s $15!  Like most New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, it would pair well with spicy Asian -style dishes, salads with soft cheeses, and grilled fish.

And you can find it here on Crossings 2016 Sauvignon Blanc – White Wine

This one is a blend, but mostly cab… 80% to be exact.  Legally they can just call it a cabernet if it’s at least 75% made of that grape, but because I know things, you’re in on the scoop: This is blended with merlot (16%), petit sirah and cabernet franc (4%).  It’s a new release, so I feel pretty special to be able to share it with y’all!  It’s from the North Coast of California.   The winemaker spent over ten years making sparkling wine at one of the largest champagne houses… and because of that, he learned a lot about blending different lots to make one special wine.  So he applied those techniques here and came up with a really wonderful blend.

I am in love with this wine!!!  It’s is good on the dark fruits – cherries, currants, blackberries… but there’s also some earthiness to it, which I always super love and appreciate if you’re giving me lots of fruit.  I get soft sage…and there’s some mocha and toasty vanilla to it as well.  Extremely well balanced.  I’d love this with some grilled red meat, roasted duck, or something braised like short ribs.  Really, really, love this one.

It’s $20.

And you can find the 2014 here on Josh Cellars 2014 North Coast Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – Red Wine

Oh, you guys.  YOU GUYSSSSSS!!!  I am such a Pinot nerd.  And I geeked the F out over this sucker.

It’s from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma and there’s notes of ripe cherries, tart cranberries, black tea leaves, allspice and white pepper… there’s a bit of raspberry to it as well. So yummy.

I would serve this beauty with roasted/grilled duck, or pork loin/tenderloin… anything Fall inspired… and Mac n Cheese.

Pinots love mac n cheese, ya’ll.

This wine is a joint collaboration of Sportscaster, Jim Nantz and wine vet Peter Deutsch.  It’s $37 and worth every penny. It’s so hard to grow pinot grapes, so you really do have to spend upwards of $30 to get close to their full potential.

It’s a lovely, lovely wine.

And if you’re wanting something even better and fancier?  You HAVE to try their The Calling Sunny View Pinot Noir.  It’s a single vineyard.  So you’re getting all that yummy stuff you want in a good pinot plus it’s super luscious and rich and deep and velvetty… with notes of tobacco and black licorice.


But I digress.  This pretty Pinot I’m presenting tomorrow is incredible.  And for a really good pinot… $37 is daaamn fine, ya’ll.

Damn fine.

You can find it here on Calling 2014 Pinot Noir – Red Wine

But also?  If you want the big guns ‘single vineyard beauty’ I mentioned before?  …Ya know, for the super special occasion after you’ve already served the regular special occasion $37 pinot…

You can find that one here on Calling 2014 Sunny View Pinot Noir – Red Wine

I can’t wait to see y’all tomorrow on tv, super bright and early when most of you are either drinking your coffee or still waking up…

So set your DVR’s right now and have some fun with me tomorrow.  Start that weekend off right 😉


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