Family Vacation pt. 2

We had a really lazy morning…reading and coloring on the patio took up most of it. Before lunch, (which was nothing new, just all the little nibbles leftover from the past few meals, but very delicious), we took our son for a walk on the docks so he could look at all the boats. He wasn’t as impressed with the boats as he was with the hoses used to clean off the boats. He loved the seagulls flying above and the occasional pelican perched upon a piling. And we all appreciated the warm, almost forgotten sun on our faces. G and I got in a little exercise while the little one napped, then I made Crostini with some local peach preserves and a soft, ripe French cheese I brought from home. We paired our Crostini with a sparkling rose, (and the movie, ‘Cars’…it is after all a family vacation:) After a very long and impressive game of, ‘shove cars down mommy’s shirt’, it was time to watch the sun set over the sound. So mommy and daddy with champagne, and toddler with Diego cup, toasted to yet another successful day away from home.
Dinner tonight was the sequel to the best meal my husband has ever made me, the first time he made it for me was last year in this very house. It’s a fairly simple and familiar one, but a very, very good one: Flat Iron Steaks with Roasted Garlic and Red Wine Sauce, Roasted Asparagus and Parsley-Butter New Potatoes. It’s still, to this day, a meal that I request from him on a weekly basis if we have the ingredients on hand.
Being in this house, the house where my husband took his vacations as a young child, makes me so grateful to have a family of my own – a family that allows me to start new traditions that I can blend with each of our old ones. Maybe when my son is my age he won’t remember that Murrells Inlet was the place where he tasted his first ocean-sandwich, or that it was the place where he watched his first home movie, or even that that it was where he tried grouper cheeks for the first time. But mommy will.
More tomorrow…

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  • Reply cary January 20, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    ahhh, life sure is sweet with sun and surf. and champagne. and flat irons. and garlic. and red wine. and little boys 🙂

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