Family Vacation pt. 3

We started off the last day of our vacation with a post-coffee, post-very big sausage, egg and biscuit breakfast, late morning stroll along the waterway. The weather was gorgeous, and so warm that I couldn’t resist the urge to strip down to my sports bra (and by the sound of it, giving the South Carolina construction workers something to work harder for 🙂 The little one made it all the way in one direction, but once we turned around to head back to the house, he was completely passed out in his stroller – raisin box in hand, green Giego sunglasses on face. (He leads a tough life and really needed a break.) We came back and ate clementines on the patio; sweet, coral juice dripping down our chins, and planned our day: Today, we decided, will be the day our little 2 year old goes to a movie theater for the first time. And because movie theater refreshments are both highway robbery and utter crap, we brought our own little treats into the movie theater, (shhh…) A thermos full of Madrases*, (virgins for the tot), and G’s Kettle Corn*. We had a surprisingly stupendous time and all it took to keep the little guy happy in the theater (which we had all to ourselves) was half a gallon of kettle corn, the room to flip up and down every single chair in the theater, 2 containers of diluted juice, the allowance to sing at the top of his lungs every time the characters broke into song, 2 bags of fruit snacks, a cup of dried cranberries, a piece of fruit leather, and a buttermint, (by that time I was literally picking through the lint at the bottom of my giant mommy purse. I have no clue where that mint came from.). Then a good walk around the mall on daddy’s shoulders built up just the right amount of appetite for dinner, which turned out to be at the Red Lobster around the corner. I had coconut shrimp that paralleled in flavor to funnel cake. Never been, always curious, now I know.
*Madras Cocktail my way: a shot-ish of vodka and equal parts cranberry/pomegranate juice and orange/clementine juice. Serve over ice. Repeat.
*G’s Kettle Corn: cook your kernels the old fashioned way, in a little vegetable oil, then toss with equal amounts of salt and sugar and a little butter.
Tomorrow we’re homeward bound, and I’m ready.

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  • Reply Family coupons December 1, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    That mint was there from a month or so ago, back when you stuffed several mints in your big purse. It stayed there silently waiting for just the right opportunity, it emerged just when you needed it. That's how mints and other sweets that are stuffed into moms' purses are 😉

  • Reply Everyday Champagne December 2, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Ha! How very true…

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