Fashion Friday!- Boat Edition

So…call me crazy but I went out on the boat yesterday in a dress. And boots. And jewelry. I know maxi-dress doesn’t scream ‘boat attire’ but I kinda don’t care. I bought the dress and wanted to wear it. So there. And you know what? It kinda rocked as boat attire. I may start a trend here.

Here’s the breakdown-

(Forgive the lack of full body shot here- this was the best I could do! The dress hugs the body and comes down to the floor.)

Dress- Hunter green/white striped maxi dress- Forever 21

Shoes (pic from a previous outfit)- Brown faux leather booties- Marshall’s

Accessories- ‘Turquoise’ collar necklace- Forever 21
Golden maple leaf earrings- vintage

‘Turquoise’ cuff- Forever 21

Flesh colored bow ring- Forever 21
…Not that weird, is it? It was a chilly Spring evening, we were on a ‘cocktail cruise’…I was on vacation… Perfectly acceptable I’d say.
I was totally comfortable (thanks, in part, to my new denim jacket):
…my daughter, however, not so much.
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