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Downtown Date Night

My husband and I don’t get a lot of date nights. We have two young kids and busy schedules, so we do a lot of at-home date nights just because they’re easy. We cook a nice dinner, open a nice bottle of wine and enjoy it on the couch after the kids go down. That’s a normal date for us. It started back when we were flat broke and literally didn’t have another option…plus, we’ve always had small kids which made it difficult to get away. So date nights on the couch became our thing.
Now that we have moved from flat broke-dom, we’re starting to venture out into the real world a bit more…like real grown ups. Not a lot. But more. So when we do get that rare chance to go on a proper date, I wanna look my best for the man who has been sitting next to Sweat Pants Lady for the past 288 Fridays.

So I decided to share what I came up with for our most recent date night. We headed into downtown Charlotte and ate at Chef Rocco Whalen’s Fahrenheit.  The meal was incredible, their house champagne was right up my alley…
…the atmosphere breathtaking…

…it was pure, grown up perfection.

Here’s the outfit:

•Shirt-no freakin idea where I got this thing. I ripped the tag off years ago when it was itching by back and all I can remember is that I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a lingerie top.

•Pants- black/taupe chevron, fold-over waist, cotton blend, wide leg-Kohls. They’re like glamorized yoga pants. They’re amazingly comfortable and so, so soft. I really felt like I was wearing PJ’s.
Necklace-faux diamond/chain metal- Kohls
Earrings-faux diamond teardrops- Forever 21
Ring- black flower- Kohls
Bracelet- faux silver cuff- Forever 21

Purse- satin clutch in chain metal-Banana Republic (clearance)


Shoes- faux leather black stiletto sandals with ankle straps, Mossimo-Target



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