A Little Bit Romance, A Little Bit Rock n Roll

I usually don’t like to dress too girlie. I love wearing girlie pieces but I tend to mix them with something with an edge to make the look more interesting.  Whether it’s wearing a lace top with jeans and biker boots or throwing on a leather jacket over a flirty dress, mixing themes with my clothes is kinda my thing. So I wanted to share with y’all my most recent example of that concept.
I have these black faux leather leggings that I adore and have worn them with so many different things that I’ve lost count. So when I came home with a beautiful and feminine new shirt the other day, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it…

(As always, I’m standing on my tub in the middle of mom duty. Tacky? Maybe. Unattractive? Probably. But I don’t have the time to stage a beautiful fashion shoot, y’all. I mean…it would be nice but totally unrealistic and would just be a big fat lie. This is me! This is where I stand to check out my outfits every day so that’s how you’re gonna see me!!)

•Shirt- sea-foam green sleeveless with jewel detail- LC Lauren Conrad, Kohls
•Pants- faux leather black leggings, Xhiliration, Target
•Shoes- black patent leather pumps, Steve Madden, Goodwill
•’silver’ cuff- Forever 21
•Black flower ring- Kohls
•Earrings- faux diamond studs, H&M
Hair pieces-
•black faux leather bow clip, H&M
•(hidden) Hair styling ring (w/ snaps)- size-small, color-light beige, H&M
This outfit is perfect for drinks out with the girls!! What I like about it is that it really is a mix of romantic and rock and roll. There’s nothing more girlie than a big, fat hair bow on top of a bun, but because the bow is black and ‘leather’ it toughens it up. And the shirt, so sweet and feminine on its own, just really pops when paired with the leggings.
(Ok. Should we talk about the hair?…
That little doughnut looking thing is a *#%&$@+ genius. I have fine hair – so fine that a normal bun on the top of my head looks like it could be flicked off. But this thing changes all of that. If I didn’t know myself I would say it makes me feel like a princess!! You just start with a ponytail, wrap your hair tightly around the un-snapped ring, then roll down to the scalp/base of the ponytail. Close the snaps to form the ring and then move any hair around to hide it (comes in colors for brunettes, etc. too). Secure with hidden bobby pins. Genius.)
That’s it for today! Have a great weekend!
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