Fashion Friday- little blue dress

I’ve been sitting on this dress for weeks. (No, not literally…that image below is not 3 weeks old, I assure you.) I bought it awhile back, on one of my clearance rack browsing trips, and then just haven’t had the chance to style it yet. It’s a fairly basic dress, it can be worn either casual with sandals or dressy with heels, and for today’s post I decided to show it with some heels (big surprise, I know.) So the other day I remembered that I had it and just started to play around (I do this a lot…play with clothes in my bedroom…usually music and wine are involved, perhaps some mirror dancing…it’s highly possible that some Chandon and ‘Beast of Burden’* were my influences here) and I took it in a lot of different directions, (a lot of different directions…) but here’s what I settled on…

for today, at least… 😉

(post-shower / pre-jewelry & make-up / mid-play)

(Notice anything different?  I’m not standing on my bathtub!  Hooray!)

The dress is Mossimo from Target. (Very similar to the one found online HERE). It’s an aqua blue v-neck with elastic waistband and pockets. (Don’t you just love a dress with pockets?!). And it’s incredibly comfortable…like pj’s.  The waistline can be pulled down to hit right at the waist or up higher to become more of an empire, depending on how much blousing you want in the top and perhaps how much leg you wanna show?…

I decided to go with some faux suede, purple pumps…

…from Forever 21. (Like these HERE, but in purple.)  I could have done cream, I could have done white, but nope- I was feelin’ playful, and these purple heels were far more interesting and unexpectedly perfect.  (Mick said so himself.)
And I chose accessories in white and ivory… 

The white earrings are an old purchase from Target, the ivory flower ring from H&M, and the white studded, faux leather cuff is a last-season buy from Express…which cost me $5 online on clearance.
(The nail polish is Welt ‘n’ Wild MegaLast in Heatwave-212C (seen here at
And the outfit pairs perfectly with this last-season white, hobo bag from Express:

…which I do own (got for $12 online/clearance) but failed to get a personal photo of, so that wee little one will have to do!

Cute and simple…and playful.  Just what I was going for.


*’Beast of Burden’- from the Stones’ 1978 album ‘Some Girls’- one of my all-time favorites/current obsessions.  (Maybe I should start pairing outfits with songs…hmm…) And I challenge anyone to listen to it and not mirror dance.

Here- I’ll let you try for yourself…

When I was little I thought Mick was singing ‘I’ll never leave your pizza burning’.







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