Target clearance outfit

I took my daughter spring shopping at Target on Monday.

The boys were at baseball practice…

(or, at the very least, really excited about going to baseball practice…)
And the girls took full advantage of the opportunity.

She needed a whole new wardrobe (because all her dresses had become shirts) and my plan was to go through all their clearance racks and walk away with everything she needed for this season. (Lofty goal, I know, but I’m a real go-getter.). And it actually worked! I bought her a cart full of stuff:

(all in a size or two bigger than she is now, so I can use them next year as well).
But we all know we’re not capable of going to Target for just the one thing we went in for. So I stopped by the clearance rack in my department and came out with a complete outfit-head to toe! I paired it with some accessories I already had and here’s the finished product:

…or without the cardigan:

Here’s the thing about shopping in an unorthodox manner such as on clearance racks, or at Goodwill- you usually find stuff that you would normally pass by if it were at full price. This skirt is not my normal style. I am not a flower girl. At all. (Before my husband and I sort of shot-gunned to the Caribbean, my wedding bouquet was going to be herbs and greenery. Seriously.) But with such a small amount of inventory at a really low price, you kinda look at things differently and end up with really unique pieces. I end up trying things on that ‘aren’t me’ and see that I actually love them. You know what they say, ‘you never know until you try it on…’ It’s a lot of fun!! I sort of feel like I’m on a game show every time I shop.

The shirt is a cropped style but was just a bit too long for the high waisted skirt so I tucked it in. I considered a belt but with the busy skirt pattern, that would have made it a little complicated I think. If I didn’t tuck in the shirt, bringing it down past my waistline, my waist would have looked wider:


The skirt is already at my most narrow area, so I wanted to keep the eye line there. (You always want to play to your strongest points!)

(Skirt- black with bright floral print-Mossimo.)

(Cardigan-short-sleeved, navy blue sweater- Mossimo Supply Co.)
(Shirt-dark mint green with lace detail- Xhiliration.)
(Shoes-tan faux leather flats-Mossimo Supply Co.)
I know, I know, I’m NEVER in flats. I just don’t like ’em…on me. Other people can look fabulous in them but I end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. I have tiny little legs that need a lift. And Flintstone feet. But I’m a big fan of stepping outside the comfort zone-so I’m trying them out for awhile
Hair: I kinda felt a side pony was appropriate for my rare girly moment….
(Earrings- coral with gold detail-Forever 21)

(Flesh colored bow ring- Forever 21

Coral cuff with gold detail- Forever 21)
Gotta love Target!!



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