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Everyday Champagne is expanding, my friends. I’m working on transitioning this into more of a lifestyle blog instead of being food and wine focused. I love food, love wine, love writing recipes and sharing tips on doing it all on a budget, but there’s more to what I love that those things. And I also feel like I should maybe share a lot of this information that just sits in my head all day long.

I get asked quite often about my outfits and makeup whenever I go out. And a lot of you have shown an interest in it as well, so I decided to start sharing more and more with you! (I hope you don’t mind!) This is actually really hard for me to do because, even though I love being a girl and getting dolled up, I always feel like I’m being so self indulgent taking pictures of myself and showing it to people. It’s a little embarrassing, quite frankly. But there’s just no other way to go around it… you’re about to start seeing a lot more of me, so watch out!!!

I’m gonna start posting my outfit every Friday and breaking down the pieces for you. Friday is my meal delivery day, my out of the house working day, and the exciting start of the weekend (meaning I get a little time off from being full time mommy!), so I usually put some extra effort into my appearance on Fridays. All the other days are usually spent in workout clothes covered in flour or dirt. Those days you don’t need to see.
Today, the weather is gorgeous here in Davidson, North Carolina so I was really thinking of Spring when I picked out my outfit this morning. Spring is a great season for clothes because you can be really playful with what you’re wearing.  You can mix and match your current pieces and crossover the seasons. You can still wear the Fall/Winter jeans and high waisted trousers and mix them with some summer tops, you can still wear all your Fall/Winter boots but mix them with a summery sun dress. And then stack on some season-appropriate accessories and you’ve got a whole new outfit that used what you already had in your closet!
And I am all about accessories.  The more the better for me. Accessories are what takes an outfit to another level. I love wearing just jeans and a simple white tank then loading on the accessories to create something totally different and ‘going out’ worthy.
I don’t believe in buying expensive clothes. I believe in buying what fits you well and makes you feel good. And spending a lot of money on one piece doesn’t make me feel good. It may make you feel good and that’s wonderful. But for me, I would rather have a lot of things that I can play around with instead of a smaller amount of higher prices items. So I shop at Marshall’s, Target, Express (sale items only), Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters (sale items only)… I also shop at Goodwill. I honestly do. I have found some amazing pieces there that are of really good quality.
So all of my stuff comes from a lot of different places. I wear something unique and different as often as I can because I love to play. And now I get to share with you what I do on my playground.
Here’s my outfit today:


(Yep. That’s me on my bathtub. It just happens to be the best view.)

It’s a light summer dress (periwinkle blue, teal, coral, cream and black) in a pattern with a wink to Native American design. And I paired them with beige high heel booties. In the summer, I wear this dress with sandals but this is my way of making it more spring friendly. It also looks great with a light wrap in either beige or black.
Dress: Forever 21
Booties: Sam & Libby, Target
Accessories close-ups:

Cream Flower Ring: H&M

White Faux Leather Cuff: Express Online
Cream Feather Earrings: H&M 
So there you go! I’ll also start posting makeup tips and tutorials soon, even some videos if I can stomach it 😉
As always, thanks for listening.
And have a great weekend!!
(*My friend/fellow blogger/designer of my site/cousin, Quinn Yi came up with ‘Fashion Friday’! She really helped and inspired me to take this leap. (Thanks, love!!) Check her and her adorable little ladies out at Kimchi and Sweet Tea:
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