Fashion Friday…Bras and Backless

I went out last Friday night to a concert with two of my good friends.  We went to The Evening Muse to hear Jason Scavone and The Hot Gates play- one of my new favorite bands. It was a great night, (a late one) but a great one.  They sounded amazing and I felt so honored to have been able to hear them live, do so with close friends, and get to meet Jason.  But that’s not the point of today.  Today is Friday and on Fridays we talk fashion.  So for today’s Fashion Friday post I decided to talk about the little fashion dilemma I ran into with my outfit that evening…because I think it’s something that many of us can relate to.
(Surely I can’t be the only one…)

OK so, we’re talking bras today.  (Ya’ll are starting to get to know me a little too well…)  Bras, just like the body parts they work for, come in all shapes and sizes.  And thank goodness for that, because so do female clothing.  Those of us with, um, small bras still run into trouble now and then.  Because, at the end of the day- those body parts are all essentially the same thing and all need to be concealed in the same way…it just may take more fabric and structure to conceal some compared to others.  (Like, for me- a band-aid usually can do the trick.)  But sometimes a normal bra (or band-aid) just doesn’t agree with an outfit, and you have to be pretty creative to make it work.

I had purchased this adorable, white eyelet (backless) top last week (at Marshall’s) and knew I wanted to wear it to the concert.  I had my outfit all planned out- I was wearing it with jeans and heels.  Done.  Then 30 minutes before I needed to leave- makeup done, otherwise ready to go- I slipped on the shirt and went to give myself a final look.  Then realized I had a real problem on my hands.  The shirt had holes from the design in the front…right along the bust, and was completely backless, therefore making it quite difficult to find a bra that looked good enough.  I tried a lot of different things- all of which exposed the bra in the back…it was a real process.  Some sweating may have been involved…  So this morning I recreated all the steps I took when trying to find the perfect bra to wear with the imperfectly perfect top.

Here we go…

Standard nude, strapless bra.
This one was fine in the front.  You couldn’t see a thing, it had perfect coverage…only, I just didn’t like how it looked like an accident in the back.  Like, I had gotten dressed and forgot you could see my business back there.  So I went on to the next idea…
White standard bra with lace detail.

I didn’t mind this one that much because (even though white bra with white shirt is usually a no-no), it matched the shirt so…it kinda looked more uniform.  But still- I thought I could do better.

Then I went blue.  I went shocking, teal blue.
My thought was- let’s just go crazy so it was completely obvious that I was making a conscious decision to show that bra.  I was making a bold fashion statement.  I didn’t hate it but… I didn’t like how the blue messed with the white, sweetness of the top in the front.  
There had to be a better way…
Aha!  Then I remembered I had one of those backless, nude sticky bra thingies!!

Perfect!  It has silicone sticky tabs on the sides that adhere to your skin right under the arm area.  I had never worn it before but knew it was the right choice.

Hooray! Nothing visible from the front, sides or back. Sweet.
(early morning bath tub rim shot…totally fancy)

So, here’s the verdict on the bra (from Target)-  There are a lot of rules that come with this baby.  You must make sure there is no lotion or perfume of any kind on the skin where you will be placing the sticky tabs, or else it won’t stick.  Also- be sure to be quite sure where you are placing the tabs as you place them…a lot of undoing and re-sticking can result in a loose bond.  And, here’s the part that scared me the most- There’s an expiration time on it.  Like, for real.  On the box it says to only wear for 4-6 hours.  It doesn’t say what will happen at 6:01 but my brain went to crazy places- There would be some sort of Inspector Gadget style explosion and disappearance of the bra and I would be left sad and exposed on the dance floor.  So you better believe I was checking the time every 30 minutes and doing quick math in my head.  I also had my friend on boob-duty.  She knew that if she saw something slip from across the bar, we were to run into the bathroom and perform surgery.  I also came prepared with back-ups (forever a Girl Scout, I am).  In my purse, I had with me back-up #1- a pack of silicone pasties (also from Target) and back-up #2 (you must always have a back-up for the back-up, that’s just common sense, ya’ll)- another shirt.  A less temperamental top that would save the day if need be.  (I know what you’re all thinking- why not just wear that one in the first place, crazy?! Because I do not like easy.  I like temperamental.  Plus I’m stubborn as hell.)

But here’s the thing- I never needed any of my back-ups!  That bra stayed put all night.  I did have it on for the 4-6 hours, so I suppose it better have stayed put!  But now I’m a little bit curious as to what really would happen…I’m considering tempting fate next time.

Happy Friday to you all!!







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