Fashion (Show) Friday

So, yeah… I’ve been a little m.i.a this week, I know. The holiday last week got me all screwed up and then I found myself playing catch up this week, and then before I knew it, it was Friday! 

(Did you know that? Know that it’s Friday? I know, right?!)
It feels like yesterday that I was siting down to type out my Makeup Monday post…(that never happened by the way, you didn’t miss anything.) I don’t even remember what I was doing on Monday…then Tuesday came and I had my Tip all ready to type out…then Wednesday rolled in where I thought of my Workout post to share, Thursday came and made me Thirsty, only I never got the chance to tell you all about it…and now here we are. Friday. Ahh…Friday. 

Fashion Friday. 

It’s 4 a.m. and I’ve been up since a hair before 3. Just finished my coffee (the first of many, I presume), made my way through half of a Carrot Cake Scone, and now I sit in pleasant silence while the rest of the otherwise normal people sleep. What a perfect opportunity to hammer out a post! 
Yesterday I took the kids to Target…it was a rainy day and I had finished all my work and needed an out-of-the-house activity, so obviously Target came to the forefront of my mind. I actually did need some summer tops, (all of mine don’t fit me anymore), so I decided to do my clearance rack browsing that I hadn’t done in awhile. And now, since I have the time to share things, I’ve decided to share my purchases with you! But first- here’s a little backstory as to why I already have the photos to share… 
You see, I am untrusting of store mirrors. Don’t like ’em, don’t believe ’em, find ’em sneaky and devilish. So what I do is take everything I think I like home with me, try them on in front of my mirrors, then take photos of them so that I can sit back and view them objectively. Sound crazy? Maybe. But listen up- If you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, you’re looking at certain parts of your body, certain features that you either love or don’t love about yourself. You’re not looking at it as a whole. But if you take a photo, you can look at it the way the rest of the world does. So that’s what I do- been doing it since cameras appeared on phones. And I usually have to return several items because I realize I don’t like them as much as those damn mirrors told me to. 
So here’s what I ended up taking home with me… (One item was a bathing suit, and depending on how confident I’m feeling when I get to that part of the post, you may or may not see it.  It could go either way.)
First the tops…


I ended up liking all 4 of them. Each one cost me anywhere from $8-$12. They’re all just simple, light
tops…just what I needed.  Just what I came for.  Done.  Right?  Done?  

Nope.  Then I came upon some dresses.  And all my plans were thrown out the window.  I couldn’t be stopped…
I’m taking the white lace one back today. It’s just kinda lumpy and doesn’t do anything for me. Even though it was super cheap ($12) and otherwise cute, I’m not buying something unless I really like it (my mama taught me that 😉
But the coral one is a jumper. An adult onesie, if you will. I love that it’s so comfy and casual, with the shorts and the pockets and all, but still manages to look sleek and pulled together with a pair of wedges and a little jewelry. That one set me back $12. The black and white maxi dress was my big purchase of the day. I found it on the regular priced rack as I walked towards the clearance ones (rookie mistake)… and just couldn’t resist- love me a sleeveless maxi dress. (It was still only $30, but seems crazy expensive compared to the rest of them!)


And then, ugh. Here’s the suit. Whew. I feel I may regret this in the daylight. I’m showing you because there’s a lesson attached. The pieces of this suit were on the clearance rack, along with a ton of other odds and ends that used to be whole bathing suits.  Each piece below was $4.  But they don’t go together.  I just found two separates in my size and then put them together to make one unique suit.  Don’t forget that you can do that!  Take advantage of amazing prices and think outside the box…and often you can come up with something that nobody else has. 

(I cannot believe I just did that.)
The top is navy blue with white polka dots, white rope lacing and a detachable strap.  The bottom is a teal blue.  I figured they work together just fine.  (Especially considering the whole thing set me back $8!)  The most important thing is fit.  If something fits you really well, it’s worth getting if the price is right.  Fit is more important than color and style in my opinion.  If you hold something up that doesn’t necessarily catch your eye, try it on.  You never know!!
So… that’s it.  Fashion Friday comin’ atcha by way of Bathtub Rim Fashion Show.  Nice.
Happy Friday, ya’ll!
Now, on to the other half of my scone.
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