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Fig Mule

My husband and I have been on a Moscow Mule kick lately.  It’s not a new cocktail.  Nope.  But for some reason we’ve been a bit obsessed.  I mean, it really is the perfect summer drink.

If you can recall, I mixed it up a few weeks ago and made one with our New York Old Tom Gin… I think that was the beginning of the obsession.  That, and the fact that we had just received a set of copper mule mugs.  But we’ve been making a standard Moscow Mule pretty much every weekend since then.  And now, I have another twist on one using some in-season fruit I have so much of these days!


I gave you a Fig Pie earlier this week, and promised you a fig cocktail, so here she is!   And that pie is a fantastic way to use up a ton of those juicy fruity jewels if you’ve got yourself a tree that shoots out fruit like my mama’s does…  But now we have a way for you to drink some.

(you’re welcome)

This is really as easy to make as a standard Moscow Mule, but the addition of some fresh and really ripe figs just makes it more interesting.  I love the combination of fig, lime, mint and ginger.  It really, really works well.  Plus, who doesn’t love a little fiber with their cocktail?

(Balance, right?)



recipe makes 2, but easily doubled, tripled, etc 😉

Place the following in the bottom of 2 copper mule mugs…

  • big handful fresh mint leaves, torn (1 small handful per mug)
  • the juice of 2 limes (1 lime per)
  • about 10 figs (5ish per, or a handful)

Muddle and squish up all the figs, while also bruising the mint leaves and releasing their aromatic oils.

Top each mug with crushed ice to fill.


  • 1.5 oz (1 shot) of vodka in each mug (3 oz total for 2)

Top with…

  • 6 oz / half bottle of spicy ginger beer (12 oz bottle total for 2), or enough to fill the mug 

(Shown in the pic is the brand Barritts from Bermuda)





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