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Fresh Peach Salad

I love a good salad, and feel pretty good about my ability to make them. This one has gone over well in the past at my catered lunches and it was a great part of our dinner tonight. Here’s what I did…
*To make the dressing:
-In a large bowl, juice 1 large orange, and add to that a few splashes of white wine vinegar, 3 TB of sugar, 3 pinches of kosher salt and then whisk in some extra virgin olive oil until it looks right, (I don’t ever follow the 3-1 ratio for my dressings, I just add enough oil to make it all come together).
*To Assemble Salad:
-Wash, dry and chop 1 head of Romaine or Red Leaf Lettuce and place in bowl over dressing.
-Slice 2-3 ripe peaches and place on top of lettuce.
-Chiffonade a good handful each of fresh basil and mint and add to the bowl.
-Crumble 1 small log of Chevre Goat Cheese* over top.
-Toss and serve as a light lunch, side salad or do what we did tonight and serve it underneath a roasted chicken breast slathered in whole grain mustard and S&P.
(*note-I’ve also used fresh mozzarella in place of the Chevre and it’s equally good.)

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  • Reply Chef E June 18, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Oh baby- come to mama! You salad you- try that in a quesadilla! Grilled peaches with goat cheese is the bomb!

  • Reply Tinky June 19, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Sounds wonderful! Alas, we won't get peaches for a month and a half here in Yankeeland, but I know what to do when they hit……..

  • Reply Everyday Champagne June 20, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    Chef E-that sounds amazing-i will definitely give that a try-thanks!
    And Tinky-I know I jumped the gun a bit on using fresh peaches, but that only means this salad will get even better in a month!

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