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Happy National Brownie Day!

Not really.  It’s actually National Shrimp Day.  But Brownies make people like me more than Shrimp.

So my son, at around 7 pm this evening, came into my room and said, “So, mom.  It’s National Brownie Day.”  And he gave me that look where he was kinda embarrassed to bring it up, knowing I wouldn’t be making him brownies on the spot on a Tuesday night.

I said, “Well then, we should go make brownies.”

Eyes.  Lit.

But it is a school night… and I didn’t feel like waiting 45 minutes for them to bake.  So, I figure we had only one choice-

Waffle Brownies.

(This is just how my brain works, ya’ll.)

These were done in 3 minutes.  THREE! Not 45.  Bonus?  You get both goo and crisp in every brownie.

Win win.

I’m not posting a recipe here, but feel free to use my (awesome, amazing, decadent, super) Gluten Free/Processed Sugar Free/Dairy Free (therefore slightly healthier) Dark Chocolate Espresso Brownie recipe for these.

Or.  You know some of you have those boxes in your pantry right now…

Whatever recipe you use, this is just a fun way to present a brownie.  And it’s the fastest way I know how to get one into a surprised and happy 8 year old on a Tuesday night after a run through the neighborhood.


Run.  Sweat.  Brownie.

It’s all about balance, y’all.


makes 6 large ‘Belgian style’ waffles per standard brownie recipe

Mix your batter according to recipe instructions.

Heat your waffle iron until ready.

Grease waffle iron on all sides.

Use a large ice cream scoop to equally measure out the batter and place into each side.  (Be careful not to overfill like I ALWAYS DO.)

Close lid.

Wait until your iron tells you they’re ready.

Carefully remove with a fork and place onto a plate to cool until set.

Serve warm.



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  • Reply Becky Ellis May 10, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    Wow! You are a GREAT Mom! Very creative idea!

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