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Hardcore Extreme Mascara Testing By Abbey

The best way I know how to test the durability of a mascara is to either get caught in the rain, go running in the humid heat of the day, or to cry a lot.  And since I don’t like waiting for things I can’t control, working out in makeup, or the idea of having someone follow me around with a camera and waiting for someone to make me cry… I decided to control the environment.

This was definitely not the video I anticipated on making when I started filming, (as you will note in the initial reaction I have when I open up my first paper), but I don’t believe in stopping once I start something.  I don’t believe in ‘do-overs’. I believe in going with whatever comes along, and evolving your initial thought into something different.  Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s not as good.  But it’s always exciting.

And this time the happy accident turned into a new series.

This video was extremely entertaining to edit.  Because… y’all… I don’t remember half the mess that I said here.  Guess those improv classes back in the early 2000’s paid off?

*For notes on the specific cosmetics used, please see the caption underneath the video itself on YouTube*

Disclaimer:  I am not really sad, guys!  Thank you for your concern… But I assure you I am not upset with anyone, or anything here.  I love all mentioned topics.  I just happen to be able to make myself cry.  And the video concept quickly, on the fly, evolved into ‘damn…how can I make this a sad thing?!?!’ Let’s please remember this so I don’t have to continue fielding concerned messages from people asking about my mental health. (Which, I suppose I can take as a compliment? So, thanks! 😉 )  Please relax and enjoy this piece of fun-ness, keep the intent in mind, and also learn something about the products! xo


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  • Reply Gail September 18, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    This is hilarious. I laughed until I, well, cried.

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