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Homemade Sour Cream. Cause we all need to slow the hell down.

This may be the easiest recipe I’ve ever posted.  Why haven’t I been doing this all my life?Cause we all get stuck in convenient routines and forget we come from a do-it-yourself society. We forget we’re capable of creating instead of buying.  Even someone like me who knows this stuff doesn’t do it. We’re all just so busy these days. So so busy. And I wish we could all stop and take a breather and remember that doing things the slow way and single-tasking more often than not produces a better end result.

At the very least because our mind was present during the process.

Making this tiny glass container of sour cream was so fulfilling.  And I will enjoy stirring it into my grits to serve underneath my pot roast tonight so much more than I ever have from the stuff out of the plastic tub.

It’s also incredibly easy.

Just this small thing made me feel so damn good on a day where my world was turned upside down and chaos surrounded me. Just this right here made me feel sane again. That’s all it takes. Sometimes the smallest things can make you feel grounded. Remember that next time you’re struggling to find your balance. 
Just stop and smell the roses.Or make your own sour cream.

(Makes roughly 1 cup of sour cream- recipe takes at least 24 hours to complete but 48 is best)
There are a few ways to make sour cream, this just happens to be what I did because I like a very thick sour cream, and I found this combo produced a very flavorful product. But really all you need is an acid (lemon juice works great too!!), cream/milk, and some time…that’s it!
In a glass jar or container, mix together…
1 cup heavy cream (or half&half)
2 TB buttermilk
3 tsp white distiller vinegar 


Cover with a paper towel or coffee filter (something breathable) and secure with a rubber band.


Allow to sit on the counter at room temperature for 1-2 days, or until thick and sour cream-like.  
Store in the fridge. 

DONE.  Have a great day, ya’ll!  XOXO
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