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I’d rather have herbs…

It’s not that I don’t think flowers are pretty… it’s just that flowers as go-to gifts are just so *yawn* tired…?  This stems from (pun intended) having a boyfriend who brought me flowers – a red rose – every. single. time he came to my house.  It was so very sweet at first.  Then it became robotic.  It started to feel like something he just thought he was supposed to do without even thinking about it.  It didn’t make him a better boyfriend (he was still a butt face jerky pants), in fact- the jerkier he became, the more flowers he brought me… but it certainly made me believe he was good for about a year.  Like I was under some sort of spell…

So I just got sort of numb to the appeal of roses.  I think wildflower weeds are far more beautiful.  The ones you had to go and pick in order to bring to me.  The ones you had to stop and change your path because seeing them instantly made you think of me.  If that doesn’t happen, it’s really ok… I don’t need flowers!  Just you is fine by me 😉 .

I find the unexpected beautiful, the unpredictable lovely and the imperfect tantalizing.  If  you found it outside, I love it more.  If you made it, I’m blushing.  If it doesn’t happen organically, the beauty just isn’t there and it won’t last.  The sentiment is lost and we’re just treading water.

When I was planning my wedding (the one we were gonna have before we dropped everything and flew to the islands), I specifically said I did not want a flower bouquet.  People thought I was bat bonkers.  But it’s the one thing I was very adamant on.  I wanted ivy… herbs… strands of greenery that trickled behind me as I walked.  Maybe a little delicate baby’s breath mixed in (you are NOT a filler flower, BB). But I wanted a beautiful mess of tangled green bliss in my hands and in my wake when I walked my most important walk towards the beginning of my new life.

If I was holding anything else in my arms, I wouldn’t have felt like Me.  It’s funny the small things that add up to making us feel the most Us.  And if one of those things becomes out of place, or gets taken away, slowly over time we begin to feel foreign.  And unfamiliar. Like a barrel of monkeys… you try to pick up one, but sometimes there’s a giant mess attached and before you know it, you’ve taken away everything with one small step.

We can so easily get bogged down with trying to be a certain way – maybe to try to fit in at a new job or school, maybe to try to impress someone, maybe it’s just because we’re trying to make a relationship work – but when you stop living an authentic life and are thinking too much about how you’re supposed to behave… we’re just treading water, baby.

And treading water is so very exhausting after awhile.

You don’t have a whole lot to show for it either… just some aches and pains and breathlessness.  But you never really went anywhere… Doesn’t it sound much more fun and nice to relax and let the current take you where you’re intended to go?

And along the way, you can stop and smell the greenery.

And pick some for me.

Basil is one of my favorite herbs to smell and use when the weather allows it, so here’s how I’d keep that freshly picked bouquet of basil as good as new….

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. storing fresh basil .

It’s not quite basil season around here yet, but here’s how you keep it fresh after cutting.🌱🌱🌱

You just make it a little greenhouse 😉  Basil loves the warm humidity, so you place the freshly cut stems into a glass of water, (just like flowers, its best to cut the stems under cold, running water so they can soak it up), then cover the leaves with a plastic bag tent.

This creates the environment basil thrives in. And it’ll buy you several days to a week on your kitchen counter.

The more you know…🌈⭐️.

Enjoy your Thursday, you gorgeous things!💋.

Thanks for reading, y’all.  Much love. xo

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