I’m basically a master mover

I feel like I’ve been ‘moving’ for two years.  And I kinda have… we’ve been editing our home, putting things in storage, renovating… and all of that was before we even had an end game or house on the market… then staging for house-sale (sold in a day, woot!), prepping for inspections and appraisals, moving more and more things into storage, editing more, and now we’re into the actual putting the final things into boxes to be actually moved out of this house and into the other.


And in this process, I’ve just gotten downright great at it.  I’ve also been able to finally prove to my husband why I have so many articles of clothing.

more on that soon.

So, as we all know, I like stuff.  I like things.  I like a lot of stuff and things.  I’m a super gifted thrifter and refuse to pay full price for something I know I can find somewhere with more character and other lives within it.  So, naturally I own lots of stuff and things.  Most of it has been in our walk-in storage for about a year, back when the editing process began.

This has not been the easiest when it comes time for Abbey to get ready to go anywhere… because


But, I’ve made do.  Mainly just by not having the time to actually get dolled up to go anywhere.

So in our walk-in, there are bins and bags full of articles of clothing.  Lots of seasonal stuff…

(…does anyone else rotate wardrobes?  No?  Aw come on! Ugh.)

…but also lots of things I had to move because we were editing furniture pieces for staging and everything in said furniture things needed to be stored.  Basically what I’m saying is- I got lots of bins and bags of stuff and things in there.  And here’s how my brain works- If I have to move those bins and bags… and I also have to move boxes of dishes and glassware and other breakables that need to be wrapped…

ding ding ding

I’m wrappin’ my champagne flutes and bordeaux glasses and highballs and lowballs and anything and everything in between in all my stuff and things.

These gold-rimmed water glasses got the vintage T treatment today…

aw hey guys! miss ya’ll

Every single piece of glassware, etc. has been stuffed and wrapped in my soft clothing items I had stored for moving.  Think t-shirts, tank tops, light and summery workout items… anything cottony and soft.

And my fine china is carefully tucked in with my light sweaters for some extra cushiony snuggle time.

Multi-tasking moving!

The first round of things moved out for staging included a lot of vases, serving bowls, and other fragile, decorative items I don’t need on a regular basis… and those were all wrapped in dish towels, cloth napkins, table runners, table cloths… anything I wasn’t using currently.

Otherwise, I’d be having all these extra boxes or bags filled with the clothing and linens, creating double the trips. It may not be saving time, but it’s saving me from buying or tracking down packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.  And it’s also saving actual box count/space.

The ole killing two birds with one stone adage, if you will (but I don’t like to, because I just feel so bad for the birds… can we please come up with a better way to say ‘getting two jobs done in one’?!  Taking suggestions below.)

So, essentially this is just how I do life… and why this website is even a thing!  Although, if we’re being honest I don’t think of the way I do things as ‘unique’, ‘smart’, or ‘advertisement worthy’… it’s literally just how I’m wired.  It generally takes someone to comment on a method for me to step outside of it and realize maybe I should share more.  So call it a ‘life hack’ or ‘moving tip’ … but I just do it ‘cuz it feels natural.

It all boils down to this – I don’t buy new things unless I can’t find something I already own to do the job, I don’t waste time or space, and I am a master at cutting corners without a sloppy result.  It’s sneakily lazy and cheating and probably seasoned with a fair amount of pretense, but eh.  It’s how I write my recipes, do my makeup, practice fitness, shop for and style myself… all of it is Everyday Champagne.

It’s just me.

But me is done now.  Me needs to stop thinking and doing, and press reset for tomorrow when I have more boxes to compound fill.

love . x

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    Great idea! Thanks for sharing it.

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