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Just Bananas Ice Cream

I’ve shared this easy recipe before on Facebook but never officially posted it til now. After making it for my kids tonight for an after dinner treat, I figured I needed to share it with as many people as I could… It’s that cool. I also watched Daphne Oz make a version of this on The Chew today which brought it back to my attention.

This is Banana Ice Cream…without the cream (or the ice, for that matter). All it takes to make this is frozen bananas, vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and the option of a nut butter or any other additive and flavoring you’d like.

Something magical happens to the frozen banana when you puree it, (or should I say something Bananas happens.) The starches develop and it takes on this incredibly creamy consistency, exactly like soft serve ice cream. It doesn’t even really taste that banana-y. And trust me, I wouldn’t be pushing this if it did. I despise banana flavored anything.

It’s delicious and absolutely perfect for a special treat when you don’t want any of the adverse side effects of a special treat. Kids love it and adults love it, whether they’re healthy or not. And you will love it too because I’m sure you fit into one of those categories.


*Easy Vegan, Raw and Awesome Banana Ice Cream
(serves 2-3 small portions…but easily adaptable for more or less)

This is too easy to even call a recipe. There are no real measurements so just play around and find your ideal flavor balance!

In a blender add…
– 3-4 frozen, ripe bananas that you’ve broken into small chunks (peeled!!)
– good pinch of kosher salt
– splash of vanilla extract
– (optional) big spoonful (2 TB but up to 1/4 cup if desired) of your favorite nut butter. (I used raw, unsalted almond butter in the above picture but cashew is my favorite. Use peanut for a stronger flavor. Or nutella for a chocolatey one.)
-feel free to add anything else you want right now to adjust the flavor…other fruit, spices, extracts, citrus zest, cocoa powder, liquers, etc. The main point is that bananas are the bulk.

Puree this until smooth and creamy, which may take a bit if you only have a standard blender like I do.

a splash or two of…
-plain almond milk (or your choice of milk/liquid) if it’s being stubborn.

Spoon into serving bowls, top with whatever you’d like or eat plain like we did.

Store leftovers (if you happen to have any….) in an airtight container, with plastic wrap pressed down onto the ice cream, in the freezer and be sure to soften at room temperature before eating again.

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