Love Your Body.

I didn’t always love my body. 

It was different than all the rest.  

It had shape.  It had curves.  

I didn’t understand it. 


And because nobody else understood it either, I was teased for having the body I had. 

My hips were wider than theirs.  My butt rounder than most.  My thighs larger than anyone I knew.  And it made me sad.  So I rebelled against it.  

I hid it.  
I treated it poorly.  

For years I hated my body. 

Then I birthed two children through those wide hips and realized what power this different body was capable of.  So I began to treat it nicely.  To thank it for my two precious gifts it created.  And I was finally able to look at it with love.  

My body was and still is different than yours, different than most.  And the teasing still exists.  Instead of playground giggles and pokes, I get grown-up stares and backhanded compliments.  People haven’t changed, but I have.  And the way my body stands out is now what I love most about it. 

Am I shaped the way most girls are shaped? 

But this is me.

I am strong. I am solid. 
I am a woman. 

I may not be classically feminine but I am my own kind of feminine. 


Don’t try to fit in because a definition says so.  Create your own definition. 
Redefine the old and shape something new. 

You are your own kind of you. 

Don’t let the words bring you down. Let them empower you. 

Because once you feel that power, great things will happen. 


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