The Bold Lip

It’s a big trend right now- the bright, bold, matte lip. And it’s super fun to play around with. Just that one little pop of color on your face can change the whole feel of an outfit. 

A few of my favorites products are…

•Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain in Plum Pout #425
•Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Purty Persimmon #970:
•Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Don’t Blink Pink #966:

(So maybe I used to practice model faces in the mirror when I was a kid…didn’t you?)

The first lip ‘stick’ pictured is actually a stain marker and the staying power is pretty strong. It will come off if you want it to but it’ll last all day if you just go about your business. And the last two colors (Wet n Wild) are rich and creamy, with a bit of staying power as well. The Wet n Wild’s are an incredible buy, as they both cost under $2. But I haven’t paid for a Wet n wild lipstick in ages because I save the $1 off coupons that come out a couple times a year and use it when my Harris Teeter is doing their Super Double Coupon Week…then I get those suckers for free. 
Here are some tricks to mastering this look without looking like the Joker:
First step- Exfoliate those lips. Nothing can make a bold lip look worse than flaky, crusty lips. The bright color will really draw attention to any imperfections in texture so they must be completely smooth before you apply. They sell lip exfoliators, (my favorite cheap brand, e.l.f. makes one), but they’re all just a waste of money in my opinion. Just put some clear lip balm (or Vaseline) on your naked lips. Then take your clean and damp toothbrush and start scrubbing
Simply rub lightly in circular motions until they feel smooth. Note- they will be red and a bit puffy after this but it goes away within a minute or so. 
Second step- Take your favorite concealer (the one you use for your under-eyes, which will be lighter than your skin tone), in either cream or crayon form, and put a little all around your lip line, blending it inwards onto your lips
Smooth with your fingers to ensure there are no lines or excess concealer. 

(My fav is Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Ivory)

Third step- Cover your whole mouth with one ply of a facial tissue. (Note- the cheaper kind, without the oils, actually work best for this.). Dust your powder brush in some translucent powder, tap off the excess, and dust the powder onto your lips THROUGH the tissue. 
Fourth step- Take a nude lip pencil and draw in your lips, beginning with outlining them and ending with filling them in completely. 
This creates not only a great base coat for the lipstick, but also makes it easier to draw on with the color. 

(My fav is Loreal Colour Riche in Timeless Coral)

Fifth step- Take your favorite bold lipstick and carefully begin to apply it by starting at the Cupid’s bow and working outwards along each side of your upper lip, 
and then along the center of your bottom lip, carefully drawing it towards the outer corners of the mouth. 
It is very important to not skip going all the way to the outer corners as this is a bright color and you don’t want any mouth color to be seen. Open your mouth all the way to ensure the entire outline of the mouth is colored. Fill in the center of the lips with color and rub your lips together to smooth it out. 
Sixth step- Use a magnifying mirror to check your work!! Seriously. 
You will find mistakes that you never knew were there, mistakes that natural light will be sure to highlight when you leave the house. 
Seventh step- Blot
Take that same tissue you used for powdering (it really should be the kind without all the oils, as those will leave behind lint), and place it between your lips, then press down onto the tissue. 

Repeat if necessary.

And done! 
Remember, the bold lip is sort of like an accessory to your outfit so try to go small on everything else. Maybe just have one big piece of jewelry when you’re doing it. And keep your cheeks and eyes light. 
This look can take a simple jeans and t-shirt and make it something extra special, so keep your favorite color in your bag for a quick upgrade when you’re out!
Instant glam!!
However… I must mention that there is one unfortunate side effect of being a mom with a bold lip…
Everything you touch those puckers to becomes branded. So choose your victims wisely…


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