That makeup sponge thingy that looks like an egg

When it comes to applying foundation, there are two types of people:

Type 1- the people who use sponges or brushes 
Type 2 – the people who use their hands. 

I’m a hands-on girl. I just find it easier to control the application that way. But there is one product that I have recently grown to appreciate. It’s a sponge but…then again, it’s not. 

It’s this thing right here:

Cute, right? Kinda looks like something you’d put in your kid’s Easter basket. They’re called beauty blenders. And this particular kind, the original beauty blender, can be found at Sephora:

…and they cost about $20 a pop. And I don’t know about you, but that just seems ridiculous to me. But I kept reading about them in all my magazines and I’ve wanted to give them a try.

I’ve even seen knockoffs at Target but they still weren’t cheap enough for me to justify buying it. 

Then I found one…

…at Forever 21, of all places. They call theirs the Contoured Makeup Sponge:

It didn’t look the same- it wasn’t neon pink (it was yellow, in fact) and it wasn’t an egg but it was still the same idea. And…it was under $5. So I bought one to see what all the hype was about. It feels very squishy and dense- almost like it was meant to be a stress ball- not at all like a normal makeup sponge. And the shape of it actually has a purpose. The tip and rounded edges are meant to be able to get in the fine corners and crevices of your face- the sides of and under the nose, corners of the eyes…

But still- I’m a hands-on girl, remember?  So what was I gonna do with it? Like all things, I found my own way to use it. You know when you’ve put on your makeup in the morning, then later in the day you check yourself out in the mirror and find something totally different than what you began with? Like- your pores start to rear their ugly heads and the make-up somehow decided to float above them, leaving you looking like…well, looking like you have makeup on. And we can’t have that now, can we?

This tiny little tool takes care of that. 

You just press it onto your face, maybe roll it slightly as you press (not wipe) in those spots that look too ‘made up’ and it smooths it right out- and absorbs any residual makeup that shouldn’t be there.  It’s also good for if you’re trying out a new product and it just goes on too heavy for your liking- just ‘blot’ it and smooth it away with this little guy. 

I love it! So, next time you’re in Forever 21 waiting in their impossibly long line, surrounded by teens and grandmas who wish they were still teens, pick up one of these babies. 

And feel free to give it a name.  Mine’s Herbert.

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