Makeup Monday!!- Why the completely smoked eye isn’t for everyone…

Just like every piece of clothing doesn’t look the same on every body type, every makeup style isn’t fit for every face.  We all have our weaknesses, in mind, body and spirit and knowing what your weaknesses are can actually make you stronger.

Since we’re talking about makeup today, I know my facial weakness is my small eyes. But since I can’t change the fact that my eyes are invisible without makeup, I can use simple tricks to make them appear bigger…and also avoid the tricks that will make them look even smaller.

You see a lot of people rocking the smokey eye look, and I really love it. It’s incredibly sexy and relatively easy to do. But in order to do it full on, you’re usually lining the inner water line with dark liner. This really makes the look just that much more pulled together. However…it doesn’t work for everyone. Lining the inner rims of your eyes with dark liner actually shrinks them in appearance. So if you’re like me, and have dime eyes, you really shouldn’t do it. Instead consider lining your inner rims with white or light cream colored liner, which will make your eyes appear larger and brighter. But if you’re blessed with big eyes, even eyes that you feel may be too big, this is the look for you.
To prove my point, I took some pictures of what my eyes look like with the inner rim lined with my usual white liner and what they look like with the dark liner. I’ll let you be the judge…
Here’s what a smokey eye looks like on me when I adapt it to my eye size and use white liner to line the water line:

(I’ve tricked you into believing that I actually have normal sized eyes…)

And then here I darken the rim of one eye for contrast: 

(It kinda looks like the right side of my face just swelled up a bit, huh?…like I’ve been punched in only that one side of the face.)

My left eye looks so much larger, don’t you think?
And here’s what I look like when both eyes are completely darkened:
It’s not bad when you just look at the eyes themselves, they look smoldering and delightfully mischievous, but when you look at my whole face, I just look kinda puffy, no? Like, I feel like I look like I have a sinus infection in that picture. My face looks rounder and my nose larger. It’s amazing what one tiny thing can do to alter your appearance!


So, that’s why not all makeup ‘trends’ are for everyone. It’s important to know your limitations…just don’t let them keep you down. Big eyes, small eyes, we are what we are and we’re all beautiful in our own, unique way!
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