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Mood Swinging From A Tree

(I’m gonna try to share more here like I do over on Instagram. Sometimes I feel like only the super polished and professional-y stuff should go here… But that totally contradicts my personality.

Exhibit Q:

https://www.instagram.com/p/BQv9xIxhKB4/?taken-by=everydaychampagne That time I became both Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm.  It was yesterday.

You actually get to know me better over there, which is totally unfair to over here.

Apologies to over here.

SO.  Here’s what IG had to say today…)

It’s been awhile since I hugged a tree…

Ok. So I was in a terrible mood today. The pits. Woke up that way. Couldn’t shake it. Music didn’t help. My morning workout didn’t help. Blarg. Just a cranky wonky grumpy head.

I was working inside, buried under a list of to-do’s and looked up and out my kitchen window to see the sun shining at me.

I remembered I always feel better after I flip around a bit.

And when I’ve played outside.

Those are things my mom always preached: Bad mood? Tired? Just plain funky? Do a handstand. Do a backbend. Something. And get your ass outside.

Turn it.

Twist it.

Change it.

So I put my pot on low, quick rinsed the dough off my fingers, pressed pause on my brain…

And I pressed PLAY.

And it helped.

We’re in charge of us. Which means WE have the power. So do something about it and stop your bitching.

P.S. My mother does NOT approve of this activity. Sorry, mama 💋


Now y’all go and have a great rest of your day. xo

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