My Girly comes with a side of Rock

I just don’t like being predictable.Or being like you.

No, no- you’re lovely.  I adore YOU.

But I don’t want to be like you.  Or anyone.  It’s probably a terrible waste of my mental energy but I just prefer doing things my own way.

I picked up this adorable and killer skirt at Target the other day.  Full price- $23.  It spoke to me.  It flirted with me.

It said ‘buy me damnit.’

It’s cute.  Suuuper cute.  The style is very girly… even the name of it is girly- ‘Cupcake Skirt’.  The bold black and white stripes edge it up a bit, but it’s still very feminine.  So I wanted to create some contrast with the top I chose to wear with it.  This skirt is super high waisted.  Like- high above the waist, with a thick band.  And that screamed tiny T to me.  So when I brought it home, I went straight to my stash of crop tops and this sweet little guy winked at me.



I’ve had this tiny Beatles shirt for about a year.  It came from Forever 21 last year and I spent under $10 on it.  And as much as I love it- it’s very difficult to style.  It’s sooooo short.  You’ve seen me joke about it in a previous post.  But it was the perfect choice for this skirt.  I love the black and white theme of this outfit…with mixed media.But I needed a pop of color on my feet.  And I have always liked wearing platform pumps with short, full skirts like this one because it makes me feel like I have long legs.  I feel kinda flamingo-like in ’em.  So to edge it up even more I chose these cobalt blue suede pumps I picked up from Goodwill awhile back.  $4.99 by Bakers.



For my hair I felt like a bun would have been too predictable for the silhouette of this outfit, so I went with a high pony with wispy bangs around the face.  And did it in a thick, black elastic.  It kinda skirts that line between girly and rock to me. 


Accessory-wise I chose to stay in the blue family for a few things, but bring it down a notch and keep it fairly simple.  This turquoise clutch with gold closure isn’t really a clutch at all- I just detached the straps cause I think it’s cooler this way.  It’s from Forever 21 last year, cost me around $12 and I’ve used it a lot- both for fancy and casual events. 


The earrings are also turquoise…


Matching the purse made a classy statement for me.  They’re studs and they’re AMAZING.  Look how cool they are!!  I get compliments every time I wear them.  The smaller front ball has the stud that fits inside a hole in the larger ball.  I got them from FiFi’s Fine Resale for $10.  I wish I got them in every color.The ring matches the clutch and the earrings and also came from FiFi’s.  You’ve seen it before.  You’ll see it again.  It’s one of my favs- in the $10 ballpark.

The bracelet comes from H&M in LA a few years ago and I’ve worn it so much.  It’s ivory colored metal with a thin, copper band around the edges.  It’s really elegant but also funky enough to wear casually.  I needed something neutral for my wrist.  $10.

The glasses are Candies by way of Kohls.  $5.  I have them in black rimmed as well.  I wanted wire rimmed glasses in a retro shape for this outfit.  John Lennon glasses would have been cute 😉



Fashion doesn’t need to be so serious.  Or stressful.  It’s all about self expression.  I look at it as art.  Same as makeup- it’s how I decorate myself every day.  I make a statement with everything I walk out the door in.  It’s not about drawing attention to myself, it’s about feeling good and fun and exciting.
Cause that’s me.
I’m weird.
I’m pretty damn colorful.
And I’m a hell of a lot of fun.




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