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My, how delicious your face is!

We all want better skin right? And with all the annoyingly perfect and perky commercials and magazine ads telling you that their product is the best, how are we supposed to choose the right product? Unless you try each and every one of them, which frankly would make you broke, there’s just no way to know how your skin will react to what. Plus, I don’t know about you but I don’t always trust what’s in those products. If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t want it in or on my body.

So how does spending absolutely no money on a skin product sound to you? I’m gonna guess pretty damn good.
All you need are a few things you probably already have in your kitchen and you can treat yourself to an amazing facial mask that not only moisturizes and gently exfoliates, but is also an antibacterial formula to clean out those blackheads. It kind of does everything.
Seriously. I love this stuff. I use it on my face a couple times a week, whenever I have the time and get amazing and immediate results every.  single.  time.
(And yes, I’m fully aware of how I totally sound like one of those skin commercials right now.)
It’s made of oats, yogurt and honey. That’s it. Cheap, cheap, cheap.
A bonus? If you happen to be, oh I don’t know, soaking in a hot bath while wearing the mask, and you happen to start to maybe sweat a lot…the trickle of face mask that may or may not find it’s way into your mouth isn’t terrible. Ok. So it tastes awesome. There. I said it.
*All Natural Face Mask (that also happens to double as a snack)

Mix together the following in a small dish:

a spoonful of full fat, all natural (organic if possible) plain yogurt 
-an equal sized spoonful of natural, raw oats (I like to pulse them in a mini food processor to turn them into more of a course flour for a more even coverage…a few whole oat pieces are fine)
-a good squirt of honey (local honey is always better if you can get it and raw also is a great option.)
Mix it all until a thick paste forms…if it’s too thin, add more oats…if it’s too thick, add more yogurt. 
Slather, with clean and dry hands, into a clean and dry face evenly until your whole face is covered. 
Allow to dry and sit for about 15 minutes if possible. (You may feel a slight tingle… this is totally normal.)
Rinse off and continue about your facial routine. 
Cover any leftover, unused mask and refrigerate for up to a week and continue to use it as needed. 
*Oats- anti inflammatory properties which can reduce redness and inflammation. They’re also soothing in case you have any excema issues. Removes excess oil and exfoliate dead skin cells.
Yogurt- natural moisturizer and skin brightener.
Honey- naturally antibacterial, moisturizers and unclogs pores (can be used alone, overnight, as a spot treatment for blemishes)
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