Nokia Lumia 920 Review…a small detour

So… I mentioned before that I received this new Nokia Lumia 920 from AT&T so I could spread the word about their A Gift Money Can’t Buy campaign:( It’s a super cute campaign for teens who are trying to convince their folks to buy them this phone and I urge you to check it out if you can. I’ve been using the Lumia for about a week now and even though I can’t use it as my phone because I’m a sprint customer and this is an AT&T product, I’ve been using it as a WiFi device and trying out all the games, apps, etc. And apart from the fact that I was calling it the LumiNa instead of the Lumia for the first week, I’m taking this assignment quite seriously.

I have found some really cool things that I like about the Lumia and also some things I’m hoping they’ll fix. I love the fact that the internet is fast. That may be because in my town, the AT&T towers are closer and more prevalent than Sprint but that’s a nice plus. I like that the screen is large so the movies I or my kids want to watch are easy to see. The battery life is long which is always good. I like the City Lens and Local Scout feature, which picks up on your location and shows you what to do/where to eat or stay. Because of it, I discovered things in my small town that I never knew existed. The Nokia Music feature is also amazing because its essentially free music built in to your phone.

But I would have to say the biggest thing this phone has going for it, on a personal level, is the fact that I can blog from it. Since my actual smart phone is an iPhone, which is a Mac product, it does not work well with Blogger, which is… not a Mac product. I’m typing this post on the Nokia Lumia right now so this will be a good test. I won’t edit on my computer so if this post ends up funky and wonky you all know why! But that is a big plus for me.

Now as for the negatives…(which is hard to admit because the nice people at AT&T have been so generous and kind to me!) The camera on the Lumia is not so great. It has a saturated, blue tint to it and doesn’t snap as clear of a photo as my iPhone. Here’s an example: (note-I just tried to upload a photo I took to show you what I meant but it wouldn’t let me …it kept prompting be to download an app which I attempted many times and failed just as many.) But you could also do research on your own and see that many other people have said the same about the camera.

Another negative is the availability of apps to download..or lack thereof. Maybe I’m just spoiled from the iPhone but there are slim pickins at the market on the Nokia Lumia 920. Things that I’m used to having for free on my iPhone like Word Feud and Instagram all cost money on the Lumia.

But all in all, I really do like the phone. I know there are more things to discover on it and I’m excited I have more time to play with it! My kids love it and most of the time they tend to be the biggest critics, don’t they?

I know many of you follow me because of my recipes and maybe enjoy a parenting story or two and I realize this is out of left field but I promise I will be back after the holiday rush to share more of myself with you. This is just one of the cool and crazy things that comes with having an opinion and a platform online these days…wonderful, nice and generous people contact you and ask that you talk about their new products or websites or wines, (like my new friend, Torr Leonard, the social media marketing manager at M80 who contacted me to speak on behalf of AT&T and all my other chosen blogger friends…I’ll be seeing you at all the ambassador meetings, I’m quite sure). I’m always available to do such things, even if it isn’t what I normally do. So I hope you all don’t mind that I took this detour!

Have a happy and safe new year, everyone!

P.S. I’m staying in and cooking leg of lamb and drinking some very nice wines on New Years Eve since we have small kiddos…what will you all be eating?

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  • Reply xtrem-tech December 29, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Very important

  • Reply Agnes james January 16, 2013 at 8:55 am

    Got my 920 on Friday then headed off on a small weekend vacation where I got to play with my new phone quite a bit. Overall I love it- HOWEVER- I’m majorly disappointed with the camera. I don’t know if I just got a buggy phone or what, but the images are horrible compared to my iphone (which I gave up for this phone). I do professional photography and because of that I’m probably pickier than most, but my biggest gripes come from the comparison of what I’m getting from this phone vs the iphone. The compression seems extreme and the white balance is a mess on most my photos.
    I discussed my problem with some other sites also but still didn’t get any suggestion. Anyone else disappointed with the images they are getting from the 920? Or any suggestions for me that what should I do???

  • Reply Shayari January 28, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    We have seen same design of iphone for 3 years now with little incremental innovation. Samsung's innovation has been to increase screen size, from 4->4.3->4.8->5.5. I would say Lumia 920 is the most innovative phone today. PROS: Pureview Camera with floating lens technology. Features like Optical Image stabilization, Excellent low light photography. Clear black display with super sensitive touch screen (you can operate with gloves on). Only phone with Wireless charging. Excellent build quality, easily handles drops, rough handling. Nice range of colorful accessories. and last but not the least Nokia exclusive apps like CityLens, Cinemagraph, Smartshoot, Panorama, Maps, Nokia Drive and many many more apps. WP8 brings new and refreshing user interface with MS Office/Skydrive/XBox integration. CONS WP8 needs to catch up the feature list provided by Android and build up on apps as well. Overall a great phone, I would recommend everyone to try it out.

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