on your mark

fun fact: the scars on my face are from a dog bite when I was a baby. he was our dog. and I guess he didn’t like my rough play style (still have that problem). dude chomped down right on the middle of my face.

I couldn’t get stitches, so I was just a baby toddling around with slasher movie face for a bit.

I never was bothered by the scars. as long as I knew my face, it had them on there… so it was just what my face was.

then the large mole at the center of my forehead popped up somewhere in teenage land…

I just woke up one morning moled. and it’s *exactly* in the center of my forehead… which, let’s be real- is pretty damn impressive for a mole, yeah?. proud of her.

and considering the left side of my face already had 4 (ahem) beauty marks that create a perfect and large square, I’m overall pretty proud of the attention to symmetry my face marks seem to have.

I’m fine with the marks on my face. I’m sure I’d maybe like it more if I didn’t have them… but whatever. It’s my only face and I’m cool with it. so they can stick around. and hey, who knows – maybe I’ll grow more marks for them to play with tonight. (fun game, yeah?).

sometimes in the right light I look like I have a black eye and a crooked nose with a witch head wart.

and then sometimes, in the right light, they’re all completely hidden…

same exact things to be seen, but the scenery around it shifts enough for your lens to show you something totally different.

and that’s life, yeah?.

there are a lot of scars and moles and shadows out in the world right now. a lot of darkness and evil. and we can keep shining the right light on them to make them more visible- to give them a platform or excuse to be seen and heard…

or we can choose to stand under the kind of light that makes them fade into the background until they’re barely noticeable anymore.

it doesn’t mean the bad things go away. it just means we choose to see them differently in order to live a happier life.

it’s all about perspective. it’s all about choice. and it’s all about staying on the track that leads to a better place to be.

decide now through what lens you choose to look, and you’ll get to where you want to be.

all you have to do is make a choice💚

love you. and all of your marks💋







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