One Thing. Five Ways.

Usually on my fashion posts I’m giving you one complete outfit- with the accessories and sometimes hair/makeup to go along with it.  But this time I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to take one basic piece- one very simple piece that most every girl has in their closet… something classic- and give you 5 different looks for it.  And each look uses other basic items and accessories, so it’s easy to adapt to your own closet.

Why 5 looks? No idea. It just felt good.

So the classic piece we’re working with today is the t-shirt dress.  They’ll been around forever, sometimes called tunics, and usually come in a basic flat color or simple print.  I mean… I wore these things in the 80’s and 90’s, so they’ve been around for a bit.  And I just got one from a local shop called Fiore Boutique ($30 on sale).  (For anyone local to me, their NC location is in Northlake Mall.) The one I’m working with here is a white and black striped, short sleeve t-shirt dress with a high-low hem.  But again, most any will work with these…

So here we go!

These are just a few of the fun ways the t-shirt dress can be styled this season…

fashion. fedora

A simple black bootie, a fedora, chunky wrist porn, a big earring and a long necklace.  It’s a casual daytime look that still feels well put together.  In the really warm months you can switch out the shoe for a sandal and keep everything else the same.

Then I decided to show you how you could take this daytime outfit and take it into the night just by packing a few extra things with you when you leave for the day…

fashion.white blazer

I took the hat off and put the hair back in a messy pony (because we had a bit of hat head).  I cinched the dress with a jeweled belt, kept the same bootie, took off the wrist bangles and just kept the chunky cuff.  I shortened the necklace to a more dressy spot on the torso, and threw on a white blazer with the sleeves rolled up 3/4 of the way.

So there’s one full day and evening of wear for you right there!

Then I took it to girly town.

Gosh, I haven’t been to Girly Town in a while.  Wonder what they’re up to there… tights

Opaque, black tights with a black platform pump, chunky pearl bracelet (that’s actually really a long, multi-strand pearl necklace wrapped around my wrist several times), a large blush toned, stone cocktail ring, large ‘pearl’ studs and a big ole top bun with a black, leather bow clip.

And then, let’s see… if it’s really chilly out, you’d probably wanna go boots and jacket, yes?

fashion.pea coat

Scrunchy tall, grey boots, grey pea coat, hair up in a messy clip, simple large silver earrings and a long silver pendant necklace (not seen).

fashion.coat open

Op! There it is.

And then, last but not least, the most simplest way to have fun with any outfit… shoes

Throw on a red shoe and keep everything else minimal.

Cocktail ring, silver hoops, black shades, classic red pumps and a smile.

So there you have it!  One thing, five ways.


Proof that you don’t need to buy a ton of clothes to have a ton of outfits.

Note-If I didn’t include a link with an accessory cred it’s because that item is no longer available for purchase and couldn’t be located to share with you. But like I said earlier, most of the items are basic pieces so you should be able to adapt it all to what you already have!)

Thanks, Fiore Boutique!  Your store rocks and I had a lot of fun playing today.

And thank YOU all for reading 😉








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