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Put an Egg on it.

Oh HAY, Sunday, you sexy beast.

Guys- my windows are down, my babies are still asleep, the house is quiet, I’m wearing a poncho…. COME ON!  This is my good place right here.  And I’m gonna make the rest of today be as delicious as it is right in this very moment.

Sundays are my favorite of all the days.  Especially this time of year… It’s the day you get to be a little more lazy… you feel a little more cozy and cuddly… that bonus cup of coffee is never a bad idea… football happens… and let us not forget Champagne Sunday- the bestest of all the holidays.

I had the best night last night with an old friend whom I haven’t been with in ages.  We talked and laughed and ate and took pictures that never came out because of the laughing, and drank wine outside under twinkly lights in my hometown before we walked home, laughing some more, to our sleepy babies.  It was amazing.  It was a late night and I didn’t sleep but a few hours, but I don’t mind.  It was worth every yawn coming out of me as I type this.

And this right here is the kind of meal you want after a late night!  (Have you noticed that things also just taste a little bit more delicious on a Sunday?)

OK, so… do yo remember the Parmesan Crusted Chicken meal I posted awhile back?  I paired it with these Spinach Cakes…?

And I promised to deliver a bonus recipe for them?

Here it is!

(Except it isn’t a recipe so much as an idea.)

So this is what I love to do with any leftover spinach cakes.  I’ve been doing this for years and I can’t believe I’ve never told you about it before!  These spinach cakes are amazingly delicious underneath a perfectly fried egg, just as is.

But… you can get creative and bring more yummies to the party and it’s even better.

Like, here below I’ve got the spinach cakes with seared tomato slices, an egg and some arugula.

And all I did was (in the same non-stick skillet)…

  • Fry an egg next to 2 thick-cut tomato slices in a little oil (or go for butter if you want some extra richness 😉 .
  • And the leftover spinach cake was reheating next to all of it.
  • Make sure your egg is seasoned with salt and pepper, and your tomato seasoned with salt and a pinch of sugar on each side, and you’re good.

(Tip:  For foolproof over-easy or over-medium eggs, cover the pan with another pan as it’s cooking to create an oven-like atmosphere, allowing the top of the eggs to cook as the bottoms fry in the skillet.)

  • Stack everything up.
  • Add some arugula.
  • Squeeze some lemon for bonus points.  Some crushed red pepper flakes never hurt anyone…

Done. Delicious.

Or… Take it one step further and slice up some ripe avocado and put it on top.

Because Avocado.

Then smash to watch the yolk drizzle if you’re a yolk nerd like me.

And hope to catch it all on film.

See?  Easy.  And more proof of what I’ve always said… anything leftover can be turned into breakfast if you put an egg on it.

Thanks for reading, y’all. Hope your day is filled with love and laughter. xo

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