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What’s not to like about a pepper that promises to light your mouth on fire 1 out of every 10 times you toss one onto your tongue?

So much fun.

Dangerous produce excitement, y’all.

These beauties came from mama’s garden, but you can find them just about anywhere these days… especially the fancier markets.  And they’re easy as heck fire to make.  You can be fancy with a plate sauce on serving, or just serve ’em blistered and naked like I like.  It’s totally up to you.

This post is barely post-worthy as it’s so simple, but you all need to be making these this summer at all your shindigs, k?


There’s no real serving size for these, as it’s one of those things you just toss in your mouth as you’re chattin’ away, but I would say count on a good handful per guest if you’re entertaining… and when they’re done, they’re done 😉

  • Heat a large cast-iron skillet on high over your range.
  • Once it’s smoking, add some good olive oil, a couple splashes.
  • Add the shishitos right in and let them sit still for about 2 minutes before shaking the pan.
  • (this is called the shishito shimmy)
  • Salt them liberally with kosher salt.
  • Keep shaking the pan (tossing with tongs if need be) until you have an even blistering on all sides and they’ve shriveled.
  • Transfer to a serving plate and serve warm-room temperature.
  • Be sure to play the game where someone has to announce that they’ve gotten the spicy one.
  • And they need to do a little dance.

…it’s the simple things, ya’ll.

love . x

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