Baseball Fashion?

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*Sometimes Saturdays are spent in the yard, in bathing suit or stale workout gear, or on a stroll with the family…at the Farmers Market…cooking… And sometimes they’re spent at a Knights Baseball Game!

Baseball is in my blood. Some of my fondest memories have John Foggerty in the background. But a lot has changed since I was a child at a baseball game. I no longer look forward to the stadium hotdogs, greasy pizza or half melted ice cream in a plastic baseball hat. I’m a healthy person, a very healthy person. So finding something to eat at a baseball game is somewhat of a mental challenge for me. However, being a baseball fan, (and an American), I cannot go to a baseball game and expect to eat the way that I do when I’m at home, in control.

What’s my strategy? Honestly, I do a little research before I go. I look online and see what the venue has to offer. In this case, I knew that I was walking in to  good ole normal All-American stadium baseball food. Knowing that allowed me to tweak what I ate during the day, before the game. That way, the next morning wouldn’t be filled with a belly still full of hot dog. Am I right? Everybody loves an indulgence, but nobody still loves it 12 hours later. Truth. (Some of you may be reading this and think I’m a crazy person for putting so much thought into baseball food, but trust me – this concept isn’t baseball specific nor is it Abbey specific. Remember- it’s daily caloric intake. Not hourly caloric intake.)
But…then I got to the stadium and was pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of food including Chick-fil-A, bratwurst, barbecue, burritos, burgers, wraps and salads! So even though the true baseball fan inside of me got a little pissed off, I happily ate a whole wheat turkey wrap with artichoke pesto. Which, by the way, was incredible.
Another big issue- What do I wear? (I know, big issues here.) You wanna be practical, obviously. It’s a baseball game. No stilettos or smokey eyes allowed. You wanna be comfortable.  But you also wanna look cute. (You should always wanna look cute.) 
So here’s what I landed on:


Shirt-H&M basic 
Faded Blue and White Pinstripe Skinny Jeans- Target (clearance): Mossimo Slim Ankle Skinny. And here’s a little secret on the pants- I found them, the only pair, on the clearance rack but they were 2 sizes too big so I brought them home and took them in on each side. See?
Since most of the size difference in pants comes at the waist line, I just made them my size. Now they fit perfectly!!


Arizona leather (um, since high school)
Brown ‘Rampage’ Booties: Marshall’s

Old Navy

Brown wooden hoops:  Target

Starting from the hand moving upward- •brown leather bracelet with silver plate that reads ‘dream’: out of town boutique purchase

•brown leather bracelet with stamped leather flower design- out of town boutique purchase 
•brown leather cuff with snap closure- Urban Outfitters, men’s department 
•brown leather buckle cuff- my moms creation!! (Check her stuff out on Facebook: 
•silver ring, weave design – out of town boutique purchase 
•silver ring, etched design- mystery source from an old friend (Janette- didn’t you give this to me like a ga-zillion years ago?)
And no outfit is complete without the perfect bag. I have dozens of bags. They’re all totally different and perfect in their own way. When I’m going to a concert or game or anywhere where I’m doing some walking, I go with an over the shoulder bag. They’re much easier to walk with and much cuter than a backpack. 

Target, clearance: Mossimo satchel with hand and shoulder straps in mushroom color

It took us forever to actually get to the game. There was a bike race, a basketball game, and a festival all on the same night that our little ole Knights were playing. We literally sat in traffic, driving in a large circle (going in the wrong direction) for an hour. But it was all completely worth it. Olde Mecklenburg Brewery and Natty Greene provided us with good beer. And my original family got to spend some overdue time together surrounded by the lights and sounds that helped make me who I am.




Go Knights!  (And welcome home- finally!)
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