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Hey guys! I’ve got a little something different to share today. And it’s a #sponsored post ✨

I’ve happily partnered with C Space and Instagram to help raise awareness for a confidential online research community that’s designed to unite teens. If chosen, your teen (ages 13-17) will be working closely with some of the leaders of Instagram to help mold and inspire the future of social media services and products. They will get the chance to share actual feedback within a private online community about their opinions on a wide range of social media related topics, including shopping trends… plus they can also earn rewards just for their participation! (*see below)

It’s also a really convenient process… because we all know how hard it is to get a teen to do anything on anyone else’s timeline… they can log-in whenever it’s convenient to them – any time of day or night – from anywhere they choose. So not only would they be gaining great experience working with the leaders of Instagram… they get to do it in their own teenager way!

There’a a link below. And here are the quick facts that may help you and your teen make the decision as to whether this is something you would want to do :

  • Members in the private and confidential community share their opinions about all things social media.
  • Discussion topics, polls, and news are shared only by fellow members and community facilitators.
  • Participants will receive recurring Amazon e-gift cards for their contributions*
  • This is a 3 month project, with very limited spots available.
  • Again, ALL feedback and opinions will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

So essentially, this is a unique opportunity for your teen to connect with other teens through a safe space to share ideas and brainstorm ways to directly influence Instagram’s future offerings!

Now. Here is the qualifying #SocialCircle survey link :


Look, I have a teenager and we all know things are much different now than when WE were teenagers… so I really love the idea of allowing the teens themselves to have some influence on how things go out there. We can’t control everything… but we can all try to take opportunities to do little things like this to try to keep things on track.

thanks for reading. y’all. much love x

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