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This has been one hell of a month.  No…it’s been one hell of a few months.  Is it April?  I don’t even know anymore.  I thought February was bad, and it was, but I thought… Well, it’s a short month so it’ll all be over soon.  February was the month we got a little snow, which shut down school, which put the family on top of one another for far too many days, which in and of itself it torture.  It was also the month that we started getting colds… And colds for me inevitably end up in sinus infections, which puts me on antibiotics that I really and truly can’t stand.  Then came March and the snow disappeared, but the sicknesses did not.  More colds came, more sinus infections, and then towards the end of the month we started dropping like damn flies.

We all had little colds (what else is new?) and my daughter, after spending a lovely time at a birthday party at a ‘bouncy’ location that shall remain nameless, but is on my list of places to never bring my children due to it’s uncleanliness and stench, contracted pinkeye.  So I took her to the doctor late one afternoon, got her the eyedrops and kept her out of school for the week, while my cold keeps getting worse.  Meanwhile, all week, my husband and I are forcing drops into my 4 year old’s eyes while she screams and writhes and tells us we’re hurting her feelings and heart.

Two days pass and my cold turns into something far worse.  The cold is bad, but the throat pain is unbearable.  What is with this throat pain?!?  It felt like there were tiny men with sandpaper just going to town in there.  I went to the doctor after suffering through it for 4 days and find out I have strep throat and get put on another antibiotic.  I’ve never had strep before so I had no idea what I was dealing with but HOLY CRAP, that stuff sucks.  My prescription started working on the strep, but the cold was still there.  A few days later my 7 year old son comes downstairs one Monday afternoon with pinkeye.  So, now he’s out of school for the next week, right when my daughter gets to go back in.  And this is the week before Spring Break.  So, now he’s on the heartbreak drops (improving), my daughter only has the sniffles, and my strep is healed and cold is getting better.  Things are looking up!

A few days later, as I’m starting to feel a little normal for the first time in months, my husband wakes up to pinkeye.  He looks like he’s been tiny-punched in the eyeballs.  Somehow his pinkeye is worse than the kids.  I mean, listen… I love the guy but he looked horrid.  And terribly scary.  This is now a couple days before Easter.  And here’s the family status- Both kids have small colds, I’m feeling pretty damn good, and my husband looks like a zombie.  But Easter was great.  We had a great time.  That one day we all managed to get through it and have a fun time, even with my husband looking creepy.

I woke up the next morning feeling kinda crappy again.  Not horrible, but not great.  I rest that day, then come Tuesday morning I feel like dog biscuits.  The next several days I develop this cough that is like none other I’ve ever had.  And I have yet another terrible cold.  This goes on for a week, the cough and cold both get worse, and I finally go to the doctor, yet again.  Turns out I have another sinus infection, bronchitis and walking pneumonia.  Awesome.  I get on yet another antibiotic, that I’m still on at the moment, this one having the lovely side affect of making me nauseous with every dose (which is 2 a day, for 7 days).  So not only am I coughing like an old smoker and blowing my nose like grandma, I’m nursing cans of seltzer like an addict and lying down at various, inconvenient points throughout the day.

All I gotta say is May better be damn good.

So in honor of all of that CRAP, I would like to shamelessly show you various images of myself to distract from the current state of my immune system.  Mind over matter- that’s what I’m goin’ for here…

The first shot is from a few months back, taken by me, but recently re-edited as a gift from a friend.

The second is from this past weekend when I still felt yucky but managed to pull it together for a great shot.  My husband took it and he’s just swell.

And the video is from a couple days ago, when I found myself with far too much time on my hands on a sick day, and wanting to try out new tricks.  It’s my newest obsession.  I may or may not be upside down at this very moment.  (note- It’s about 1:30 long, which is pretty long to watch someone on their head moving their legs about, so feel free to skip it… I was just darn proud of myself for staying up that long!!)



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(link below takes you to my youtube page if the videos above don’t show up)

*coughs*   *sniffles*   *sips seltzer*   *lies down*







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